Morgan Wallen is taking life “One Thing At A Time” despite his countless achievements

Madelyn Furstenau ‘26, Student Life Editor

Just when we thought Morgan Wallen could not possibly break another musical record, he proved everyone wrong on March 3 with his third studio album, One Thing At A Time. The country singer had begun to reveal the album’s creation on his Instagram page on Dec. 1 captioning a post announcing his second world tour: “2023 is gonna be a special year… I got a lot in store for y’all and thought we’d start with this.” He released three songs a few hours later, each of them earning a spot in the top ten iTunes singles chart within a day. Then, a few days later on Jan. 30, Wallen officially announced the release date for his newest album.

One Thing At A Time includes 36 songs in total and reaches almost two hours in length. Some of Wallen’s most popular singles such as You Proof and Thought You Should Know are featured on the album. One Thing At A Time reached over 315 million streams in just four days, breaking the record for the biggest U.S. streaming week for a country album. The album has surpassed Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) which broke the record back in 2021. The release of this album has put Wallen back at the top of Billboard’s Artist 100 chart, once again indicating his talent to the world.

In an effort to give back to his fanbase, Wallen announced that he would be hosting a free concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Thousands of fans wrapped around the building hoping to secure a ticket to the show and in just a few hours, every ticket was distributed. This show set a new record for attendance at the arena. The concert was also live-streamed on all of Wallen’s social media platforms for fans around the world and those who were unable to get tickets. He performed 22 songs, some being older releases and others from the new album. The show was a huge blockbuster and a successful way to kick off his album.

Wallen’s second world tour, One Night At A Time, has already proven to be a huge success. The tour will take place on two continents, four countries, and 17 different stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, and festivals. Wallen will perform alongside guests ERNEST, HARDY, Bailey Zimmerman, and Parker McCollum. The presale event sold out several shows within a matter of minutes. Three dollars of each ticket in the United States benefit the Morgan Wallen Foundation, an organization believing that family, community, guidance, and love will give a child the best chance at a great life.

Whether it be with new music, fan events, or concerts, Wallen has continuously proven his strong commitment to his fanbase. His hard work and talent satisfy the needs of his fanbase each time. Freshman Alisyn Aschi said, “I enjoyed the album because his new songs are amazing. I’m not surprised, he always delivers, but there are also some older releases on the album that I love.”

It seems as though the beloved artist has broken away from typical country stereotypes, offering a variety of options on his new album. Aschi also said, “Morgan Wallen has catchy songs for every mood, most country artists do not have that. Artists typically write lyrics in one consistent mood, but Wallen has a mix that I enjoy.” Fans are thrilled to attend Wallen’s upcoming world tour, and hope to see him continue to succeed in his career.

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