Plant-based superfoods make us superhuman

Grace Cook ‘21, Sports and Entertainment Editor  The road to a plant-based diet may seem long and arduous, but do not fret; the path is kinder than it appears and gives ample rewards along the way. Once we cross that path, life feels infinitely sweeter. Eating plant-based is one of the healthiest life choices a... Continue Reading →

Cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation: we must learn the difference, fast

Ava Mac ‘21, Editor-in-Chief In the past couple of years, we have seen several controversies bubble up in the media over certain hairstyles, clothing, and trends, regarding the concept of “cultural appropriation.”  As we—a Western society still considered a white majority—become more aware of the racist microagressions that have existed in our culture for centuries,... Continue Reading →

Why SAT testing is unnecessary

Peyton Lewis ‘23, Feature Editor The class of 2021's senior year has not exactly gone as planned. Many states are completely virtual, and those who do have the privilege to go back are not getting the memorable high school experiances as one would have hoped for.. Though COVID-19 has offered one benefit: the burden of... Continue Reading →

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