Cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation: we must learn the difference, fast

Ava Mac ‘21, Editor-in-Chief In the past couple of years, we have seen several controversies bubble up in the media over certain hairstyles, clothing, and trends, regarding the concept of “cultural appropriation.”  As we—a Western society still considered a white majority—become more aware of the racist microagressions that have existed in our culture for centuries,... Continue Reading →

Why SAT testing is unnecessary

Peyton Lewis ‘23, Feature Editor The class of 2021's senior year has not exactly gone as planned. Many states are completely virtual, and those who do have the privilege to go back are not getting the memorable high school experiances as one would have hoped for.. Though COVID-19 has offered one benefit: the burden of... Continue Reading →

Social media is controlling us

Jessica Sarrach ‘24, News Editor For many years now, social media has controlled the way we live our lives, and 2020 is no different. Whether it is for entertainment purposes or for keeping track of the latest breaking news, social media is at the center of it all. With apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat... Continue Reading →

Volunteering in South Lyon

Cora DeWyre ‘21, Circulation Manager and Business/AD Manager Teens in an age of technology are increasingly becoming disconnected from the real world more than ever, often disengaging from their community. A step back from our daily routines needs to occur, so societal changes can be looked at with a more critical lense. Without a face-to-face... Continue Reading →

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