Girl claims to be a feminist, has no idea what feminism is

Athena Sherlock ‘23, Opinion Editor and Peyton Lewis ‘23, Editor-in-Chief 

According to an anonymous source, a self-proclaimed feminist was recently overheard telling a male peer “that’s not very feminist of you,” after he refused to hold the door open for her on the first day of Women’s History Month. A search of her social media profiles has concluded that this student’s idea of feminism includes nothing more than posting performative infographics to her Instagram stories. 

Our sources revealed that this feminist’s views may be a little skewed. “I have a class with her and you would not believe some of the things she has to say,” our source reports. “We were having a classwide discussion about a popular music artist who has been recently accused of sexual assault by his female colleague, and she offered what could be described as the least feminist take to ever have been uttered,” they stated. 

Another student in this class confirmed the story saying, “She said that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear, because the woman could easily be lying.” Because nothing is more pro-women than the idea of turning our backs on victims of sexual assault.

Our staff reached out to a former friend of this girl who also offered some criticism of her supposed feminism. “Yeah, one time I was telling her how I hoped to become a doctor, but how I also really wanted to have a big family,” the friend said. “She then scoffed at me and said that ‘wouldn’t be fair to my kids’ since I would be working so much.”

Remember ladies, in the year 2023 it is nearly impossible to work and have a family. Well, at least according to this feminist.

Another scorned former friend commented on her character when recounting an incident between the two. “Whenever we were around guys, especially one she liked, she would make fun of me in front of him, just to make her feel good about herself,” she said. 

When asked to comment on these allegations this “feminist” was quick to defend herself. “I resent these allegations,” she said, “I am absolutely a feminist. Afterall, I am a girl…how am I being accused of not being a feminist? Haven’t you seen my instagram stories?” 

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