Try guy tries cheating

Athena Sherlock ‘23, Opinion Editor

Since 2014, Eugene Lee Yang, Zack Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Ned Fulmer, better known as The Try Guys, have entertained audiences with their humorous antics, great chemistry, and willingness to attempt quite literally anything. Despite the group’s common eagerness to attempt as many absurd tasks as they can, it was clear from their first video that each of the men had very distinct personalities from one another. Yang was the cool one, Habsersberger was the funny one, Kornfeld was the awkward one, and Fulmer really, really loved his wife. You could never get through a video without Fulmer bringing up just how much he loved his wife, Ariel, making it all the more shocking when it was revealed that he had been having a year long affair with one of the channel’s producers, Alexandria Herring.

News of the affair first broke on Reddit, when a fan posted pictures of Fulmer and Herring kissing at a bar. Before long, screenshots from the since deleted Reddit thread ended up all over Twitter as more and more pictures of the pair have surfaced. 

Many longtime fans of the group were quick to express their disgust towards Fulmer’s actions. Senior Kristina Link said, “I was hurt after finding out about what happened because the Try Guys were a big part of my childhood. It was awful to see him abuse his power like that.” 

On the same day the shocking news hit the Internet, The Try Guys released a statement saying that they would no longer be working with Fulmer, meanwhile Fulmer released a more controversial apology. He claims that he “lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship,” a statement that has spawned both outrage and an endless sea of jokes at his expense. 

The Try Guys followed up from their initial statement with a video explaining that all of the parties involved knew about the affair for almost a month before the news broke and that they had been conducting an internal review to figure out exactly what was going on, how long it had been going on for, and what further steps should be taken. Fulmer was fired weeks before it was announced to the public, and he has not made any further statements regarding the situation. 

The remaining Try Guys have expressed their desire to put this unfortunate situation behind them and have already begun releasing and promoting new content as a group of three.

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