Incoming college freshmen majors and inspirations

Grace Robbins ‘22, Photo Editor

With seven weeks left in the school year for seniors, moving out of one’s childhood homes and heading to college is on the horizon. So, are some of SLHS seniors’ plans for their freshman year of college? What is their major? What, or who, inspired them to go into that major?

After high school, Mia Vitale plans to attend Siena Heights this fall. Vitale wants to major in education to become an elementary school teacher. Vitale said that her second grade teacher inspired her to become a teacher, and since then, Vitale has “wanted to be like her.”

A few SLHS seniors were accepted to the University of Michigan, which is no easy feat considering the large enrollment during COVID. Two of the seniors have decided to attend in the fall are Jenna Chaffin and Julia Sarrach. Chaffin said, “I’m going into biochemistry… on the pre-med track. I wanted to go into biochemistry because I have always loved the sciences and understanding how things work, and it’s a great major in order to go to med school later on.” Sarrach also is headed in the medical field direction, and she plans to major in biomedical engineering. Sarrach said, “I was inspired to choose this major because I have always wanted to be involved in the medical field, and I have also developed an interest in engineering/math classes.” She added, “I also am fascinated by prosthetic devices, and I want to earn a degree that prepares me to work with and design them.” 

Kenzie Buckley is attending Northern Arizona University in the fall to major in biology. Buckley wants “to go into wildlife ethology and conservation.” Buckley’s love for animals since she was young has helped her to “[find] an interest in conservation.” [She] “loves the ability to help when [she] can so [she] thought that would be a great way to start.”

Other seniors are planning to transfer to a university after taking general education courses. Senior Brett Whitcomb is attending Cleary University this upcoming fall. “[He is] completing [his] prerequisites then transferring to Ferris State to study computer networking.” Whitcomb continued, “I went into the field because my brother actually studied that, and I shadowed him a couple times. Not only is it fun, but there is also a really big demand for jobs in that field nowadays.”

Seniors only have a small amount of time left as high schoolers. Many are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the next, opportunity-filled chapters of their lives.

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