Students survive the week, find Friday fun

Christine Silak ‘22, Business/Ad and Circulations Manager

For some students, Friday nights are for going to games. Some spend their time at work. For others, they will kick back and catch up on some Z’s. Check out what our SLHS students like to do on Friday nights.

Friday game days are a staple of the high school experience for students and the players themselves. 

  • Senior and varsity basketball player Mackenzie Buckley said, “I had a basketball game last friday. After, I went out for a late night drive with my friends where we listened to music.”
  • Sophomore Olivia Leshok said, “On Friday nights I usually have a basketball game. I play basketball and then I stay and watch the varsity girls play afterward.”
  • Sophomore Chloe Wallis said, “I went to go watch the boys’ basketball game on Friday. It was a close game, and everyone was ecstatic when we won against Lakeland.”

For others, friends are what makes a Friday. 

  • Senior Paige Robinson said, “My friends and I go to Chipotle after school, and we like to prank each other. We do things to each other’s cars like saran wrapping the cars, covering them with sticky notes, and filling them with balloons. We all just laugh about it together.”
  • Junior Connor Singleton said, “I like to go to parties on Friday nights.”
  • Sophomore Zoe Brower said, “I went to the movies with my friends. We saw The 355, and we all really liked it.” 
  • Sophomore Natalie Comstock said, “I like to go to my friends’ house to have sleepovers and go ice skating”
  • Freshman Courtney Putnam said, “Friday is about hanging out with friends, having fun.”

While some students like to go out, others like to stay home.

  • Senior Killian Houghton said, “I play a tabletop game called Warhammer, and it uses different models. You have to paint them yourself, so that’s what I spent my time on. They take a long time to do, and there are many of them on the board at any certain period of time, so it takes a while to paint.”

For athletes, Friday nights look more like having practice and then going home to sleep.

  • Senior Andrew Brenner 

“On Friday nights, after my swim practice, I like to sleep. I get home around six, and I eat dinner at seven. Then, I go to bed.”

  • Senior Jenna Vernier

“I went to my dance studio and hung out with Payton Battle. Then, I went home and showered and cleaned my room. I went to bed around 11:30-12:00.”

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