SLHS students get a head start using dual enrollment

Grace Robbins ‘22, Photo Editor

Why do so many students come to school late or leave early? Students are allowed to substitute high school classes with college classes in their schedule because of dual enrollment. Dual enrollment allows students the opportunity to get a jump start on college credits, and students can potentially start to specialize their interests with the courses they choose, while also giving them the ability to arrange their schedule to potentially arrive late or leave school early. 

Dual enrollment provides students with many opportunities to explore what they are interested in, and gain college credit while still in high school. Senior Jacob Fischer said, “I dual enrolled to get a jump start on a minor in business, and so the cost of classes is not as much…I’ve dual enrolled for two semesters now, totaling four classes.”

High school students at SLHS do not have to pay for classes that are worth three credits or under in which they dual enroll. The high school pays for your classes, supplies, books, and softwares that you need for each college class. This helps students start college classes without the need to worry about the cost of the course.

Dual enrollment also gives students more flexibility in their schedules. If high school students are not interested in some of the classes offered at their high school, they are able to choose from a plethora of options to take at a local community college. Senior Molly Younkin said, “I chose to do dual enrollment because it would help me to gain more knowledge in areas more specific to my planned field of study. This is my third semester doing dual enrollment, and my favorite class has been nutrition.” She added, “I like that it’s self paced, so I can learn at my own pace and ask questions when I need to. I chose to do mornings so I could sleep in, and it makes it easy for me to make up tests during first hour.”

There are currently 50 students dual enrolled at SLHS. Counselors at SLHS believe that dual enrollment is a great opportunity for students. Ms. Ellis said,“I think it’s a good opportunity for students to experience a college level course while they still have high school support on hand.” In order to have dual enrollment in your schedule for next school year, students should schedule an appointment with their counselor after students choose their schedule. Students do not need to know the college course they would like to take, but they should inform their counselor that they are interested in dual enrollment after scheduling occurs. 

By taking college classes while in high school, students are sometimes able to take general education courses that they would be taking as a college freshman anyway to get certain credit requirements out of the way. Senior Connor Hoy said, “I wanted to do dual enrollment so I can get a course off in college. This is my first semester, and I am currently taking sociology. So far, I think it will provide great insight to provide a basis to our complex society.” Getting a jump start on college classes while in high school can help to reduce your class load, stress, and save students money going into college since they completed classes with no expense to them while in high school. 

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