Furry and famous: new digital outlets boost Elmo’s career, yet again

Molly Crouch ‘24, Social Media Manager

The red, fuzzy sensation, Elmo, has been a staple feature for the kids TV network Sesame Street, but that does not mean he cannot entertain those of higher levels of education. Over the years, this muppet has maintained his respective viewership for those in preschool and those of greater development grew uninterested. But recently through social media trends and appearances, Elmo climbs the charts and appeals to those of all ages, once again.

Like many current trends and ideas that gain attraction, it all started with TikTok content. For the past few years, there have been multiple creators on TikTok that have been impersonating Elmo while using and relating it to more grown up language and situations as a funny juxtaposition. These different scenarios for Elmo’s vocal quality help appeal to a greater range of audiences and draw attention to the remembrance of the classic Sesame Street creation. 

Among one of these sounds on TikTok was an edit of clips of Elmo’s cutthroat responses towards his friend Zoe and her rock, Rocko. His response shocked the TikTok world and got to an impressive 91 thousand videos made in just a couple weeks. These were composed of people creating videos that helped relate personal experience to the sound. This audio also helped see Elmo in a new light because they have never seen something of these actions from him before.  Freshman Madison Buckley said, “I remember watching Elmo when I was little and now he just keeps coming back in the media, and it just feels like he just never falls off and has been, and always will be famous.” If Elmo can find a way to constantly relate to new generations through social media, what else can he do?

Building up from his recent TikTok fame, Elmo appeared on Jimmy Fallon. Most recently, the two cooked a recipe from Elmo’s new cookbook. It was a segment all of America could enjoy tuning in for. But without Elmo’s recent growth in popularity, this collaboration would not have been seen as timely or perhaps have gotten so popular. In a past episode, Fallon makes a criticizing comment to Elmo for not showing up for rehearsal to learn his song; Elmo responded and said, “You just said it to everyone that Elmo didn’t know the song; you’re not coming to Sesame Street anymore.” This sarcastic moment is one of many that is also going viral for his slight break in his typically innocent character, even now people cannot contain their love and laughter for Elmo. Elmo has held a name for himself over the many years of work and always finds a way to reappear in the spotlight. With an iconic voice and facial features, this muppet shines in attention received from all ages. The only question is: where will he appear next? 

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