Workloads pile up for midterms: ways to say goodbye to those late night studying hours

Molly Crouch ‘24, Social Media Manager 

As the new year starts, students go back to school, expecting the same workloads, homework, and tests that come with the learning experience. But for some schools, unit tests are not the only thing students need to study for after break. Midterms are tests containing all the information learned throughout the semester. This can be a major source of stress for students, and many can often feel overwhelmed with the subjects they need to relearn from the beginning of the year. That is why studying and staying on top of work is a priority for these tests because it is something that cannot be accomplished successfully with no preparation. Here are some easy and productive tips students can use during finals times to accomplish the high grade they are hoping for:

Compare notes and solutions with other students:

Talking to fellow students and friends at school is a given for most teens. Likewise, collaborating on school work takes minimal effort to organize and understand. Everyone processes information in different ways, which can help each individual learn the information on a deeper level. Friends can also fill one another in on important directions one may have missed during lectures or class discussions. Sophomore Keeley Stankus said, “I am always open to asking friends questions when I need help or I am stuck on a problem that doesn’t make sense. They are a lot easier to contact because they are only a text or phone call away.” Stankus helps explain how an easy connection can improve her learning capabilities. Collaborating with friends is something many other students can be able to experience simply at a touch of a button. 

Ask the teacher for extra studying materials and for clarification on information:

Students know that teachers do not give out direct answers to midterms, but what many might not understand is they assign studying materials to help you for the test. Teachers also help with providing reviews and are always available for questions. What many students also may not know is that some teachers are more than willing to set up times to give a more in depth instruction and answer questions that require more thought to help out the students. This is a step most students are not willing to take because they try to work on only what they have already been given and are hesitant to approach their teachers. Though asking a teacher for assistance can be intimidating, it is a very effective way to know exactly what you are recapping. 

Create a productive environment to stay motivated:

For teens, it is easy to get distracted by social media, music, shopping, and everyday tasks such as eating, sleeping, and cleaning. Therefore, creating a productive environment for motivated working is very important. This could mean little changes, such as sitting at a table to work instead of on one’s bed or just in one’s bedroom. It could also include putting on simple music such as something classical or quiet that can keep the mind focused. Sophomore Emily Savage said, “When we had online schooling, I had to find ways to be productive—similar to what I have to do now close to midterms. I would choose to go down to my basement for the colder air and bright lights because it kept me awake and focused.” The work environment Savage created for herself was a successful way for her to be productive and stay in an active mindset. This step could be an easy fix to avoid falling asleep or getting distracted when doing your work. 

Create a self control schedule of work and screen time:

People always feel that they have no time to do the little school things they promised themselves they would do. And for many others procrastination is an overbearing problem when it comes to completing the workload in front of them. Digital companies have picked up on this issue and have given ways to help fight this problem. Attachments such as screen time on Apple iphone have been implemented to help control a student’s time on social media as well as games. This is a very effective way to limit the use of electronics when trying to complete work. However, some students may not be able to give complete attention to one piece of work. If this is the case, switching between different subjects of work can also be productive. You can even try splitting up your workload and doing a little at a time with short breaks. 

With these few suggestions, finals might seem less stressful for students while studying. Completing heavy workloads by approaching material in different ways, asking questions or for more study aids, and collaborating with others is a successful plan to feel confident for the midterms ahead and get the rest you deserve.

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