Doin’ it for the “gram”: anonymous students poke fun at school, and classmates

Grace Robbins ‘22, Photo Editor

Recently, there have been several new student-run Instagram accounts popping up at South Lyon High School, and other high schools at surrounding schools like Howell and Novi. These Instagram accounts are meant to rate things unique to high schools such as food from the cafeteria or how students park in the student parking lot. Other student-created Instagram accounts highlight things such as students who fall asleep during class and their bad posture. 

This trend isn’t unique to our school; these Instagram accounts have been popping up throughout the country due to its popularity on TikTok. Other school accounts feature things such as “bathroom feet,” which are pictures of shoes in the bathroom stalls, and some even rate the attractiveness of students’ parents.

The anonymous students who run these Instagram accounts gather the photos of other students from direct messages (DMs). Students from all grades participate by taking pictures of other students when they fit the criteria to be submitted to a specific Instagram account. For example, if a student has bad posture, their picture is sent to the SLHS bad posture Instagram account. 

Most of the pictures sent into the sleeping in class account seem to be staged in order to get featured on the page, while other accounts such as “bathroom feet” and bad posture seem to have more candid photos. 

Most students feel that the “bathroom feet” Instagram account has gone too far. Senior Sydney Gratopp said, “I feel like the ‘bathroom feet’ account is an invasion of privacy. The bathroom is not meant to take pictures of shoes under the stalls and posted onto Instagram.”

Multiple students have said they are worried about being featured on the school’s Instagram accounts. Senior Ava Crumley said, “I get to school the latest I can because then nobody is able to see how poorly I parked… I also leave school as soon as possible so nobody has the chance to DM the bad parking page.”

Most polled students have said that they feel that these Instagram accounts, such as rating cafeteria food and bad parking, are harmless and funny to read, as long as they aren’t the ones being featured on the accounts. Be sure to stay alert, or you may unexpectedly find yourself on a school Instagram page. 

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