Eminem continues his long standing legacy as a staple of Detroit

Christine Silak ‘22,  Business/Ad and Circulation Manager

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s a line outside of his new restaurant in Detroit already, “Mom’s Spaghetti.” 

Rapper Eminem’s song Lose Yourself, from the 2002 film 8 Mile, has inspired many listeners with its aggressive, motivating lyrics. Now, it has also inspired a pasta restaurant in his hometown, Detroit, thanks to this memorable opening line:

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy / There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”

Mom’s Spaghetti, located inside the Union Assembly restaurant, serves through its walk-up window, with just three items on the menu. The business’ main attraction, a carton of freshly made spaghetti is just $9. 

Fans lined up for hours before its opening day Wednesday, Sept. 29, and a few fans were lucky enough to be served by the real Slim Shady himself.  After the first few days of opening, however, much of the hype died down. Whether this is due to the obscure location of the restaurant or just because it was a gimmick taken too far is up for debate. 

South Lyon alumni Clark Callander said he felt “unsafe and disgruntled” by the location of the restaurant, specifically ordering in a small alleyway of Detroit. Others seemed to agree that the experience was not quite as satisfying as they had hoped. Alumni Owen Leshok said, “The spaghetti was nothing special. It was not worth the 45 minute drive to Detroit.”  

As reported, the Union Joint’s team that developed the recipe reported that they were not going for the freshness or flavor of pasta you’d get at any Italian restaurant, instead they wanted it to taste like “something that a working mother may reheat after picking up the kids from latchkey following a long day for everyone.”

The restaurant’s s’getti sandwich is strangely more alluring than the two-pound carton of spaghetti as the main attraction. Priced at one dollar less, it is served between two pieces of Texas toast, doused in butter and garlic, with a bit of spaghetti in between. South Lyon alumni Jacob Field spoke with regret on his decision to order it, saying, “I was left with buttery fingers and an empty stomach. I spent the rest of my visit watching my friends eat their massive servings of spaghetti and meatballs, priced only $1 more than my laughable grilled cheese knockoff.”

Overall, it is unlikely that Mom’s Spaghetti will become Detroit’s next biggest thing. Perhaps just an overpriced gimmick, Eminems’s ties to the restaurant are it’s only saving grace. His mark as a rapper certainly overshadows any mark that his restaurant has and will hope to make.

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