Halloween on a budget: five last minute costume ideas

Peyton Lewis ‘23, Managing Editor/Layout Director

Witches, skeletons, princesses, and fairies — costumes are a staple of Halloween. Many people spend weeks hand sewing costumes and gathering materials. While some have their costumes prepared weeks in advance, there are others who still find themselves scrambling for the perfect costume last minute. Junior Athena Sherlock said that her favorite last minute Halloween costume is a witch, and junior Caroline Crago said her favorite quick DIY look is a bumble bee. These are two great and easy costumes for anyone working on a time crunch.  Here are five more halloween costumes perfect for a last minute look.

“When life hands you lemons”:

This simple, and unique, costume is ideal for any last minute party or costume contest. A bag of lemons, a white t-shirt, and some fabric markers are the only things needed. To make this outfit simply write the word “life” on a white t-shirt and make sure you have your bag of lemons with you wherever you go. It may not be the most extravagant costume, but it will certainly earn you points for creativity.


This costume requires a bit more effort than “When life hands you lemons” but it will still come in handy for an easy, last- minute outfit. The only materials required are a green t-shirt and green balloons or a purple t-shirt and purple balloons, and fake leaves. First, hot glue the filled balloons to the t-shirt and then create some sort of head piece out of the leaves. All of these materials can be found at the dollar store, resulting in a quick and cheap costume perfect for Halloween.

Rosie the Riveter:

Rosie the Riveter is not only one of the biggest cultural icons from WWII, but also a perfect Halloween costume idea. This look can be recreated from clothing items most people may already have in their closet at home. A jean button up shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, a red bandana, and red lipstick can recreate this costume in minutes. Rosie the Riveter is a popular look that is idealt for when a fast costume is needed.


Another great last minute costume idea is a scarecrow. All you need is a checkered shirt, a pair of overalls, a floppy, wide brimmed hat, and the right makeup tutorial. To add even more spice to this costume, tuck some straw into your shirt and sleeves. Though this part may require a little more planning, straw or no straw,  a scarecrow is perfect for any one in need of a quick look.


A stereotypical tourist is another simple halloween costume that requires minimal effort. Hawaiian shirts, shorts, fanny packs, and bucket hats are great ideas for bringing this look to life. This costume can allow for a bit of creativity with so many possible looks. Hawaiian shirts come in a variety of shades and patterns, ensuring that no two tourists look alike. It will make a great costume for Halloween night.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It is a night for fun, frights, and expressing creativity through costumes. But, if you find yourself looking for a costume idea, these looks are guaranteed to be simple, easy, and stress free. 

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