Borderline obsession: the overtaking stereotype of pumpkin spice products

Molly Crouch ‘24, Social Media Manager

As the leaves begin to change colors, businesses jump at the opportunity to introduce the fall favorites to all demographics. Among these new flavors, trademarks, and art is the crowd favorite, pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice has a rampant effect on the public, creating both its own stereotype and dedicated following. But how did this simple blend of seasonings evolve into the major following it has today? 

Composed in the 1930’s, pumpkin spice was first made as a pre-packaged seasoning for pumpkin pie, and originally did not contain any pumpkin whatsoever. Soon after the release, people started to get creative by adding it to different food and beverages. One of the most commonly known is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. First renditions of this iconic supplement included coffee and the pumpkin spice seasoning. However, companies now have evolved the substance to include real pumpkin.With this calculated mixture, it soon began a widespread phenomenon. 

The stereotypes related to pumpkin spice include, sweaters, boots, jeans, and fun autumn colors. All of these can fit into the umbrella stereotype of “Basic Autumn”. Sophomore John Carter said, “[I] believe there are more things you can do in the season of fall than the basics of attending certain places and eating and drinking certain subjects. So all of these options presented by “Basic Autumn” overtake the other simplicities of fall.” Seeing a post for a pumpkin spice item can majorly sway a customer’s choosing when asking for recommended flavors. With these strong endorsements of advertisements, pumpkin spice takes the spotlight.

With this spice dominating the fall season, other flavors are unaccounted for. Sophomore Emily Lesile said, “[I] feel like pumpkin spice overshadows all the other fall flavors because if you asked [me], [I] could not name another fall flavor.” Other typical fall flavors could include apple, caramel, and maple which do not receive the equivalent following pumpkin spice does. With this higher publicity of pumpkin spice, the following can spread rapidly and become a sensation.

Without the rapid growth or dedicated fans pumpkin spice has, “Basic Autumn” might cease to exist. Instead of a common everyday drink additive or staple fall favorite, pumpkin spice could just be known for being an ingredient in the making of a pie. With the wide variety of creations containing pumpkin spice, it is inevitable that a product will show up during the fall time. Whether delectable or disgusting, pumpkin spice has a hold over the seasonal mind. 

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