Prom: not a masquerade, but masks still required

Kelly Thorell ‘21, Opinion Editor 

The origins of prom can be traced back as early to the 19th century when universities held “promenades” for their graduating class which was a co-ed banquet designed to introduce the young men and women of society to one another, while teaching the females “proper etiquette.” It was not until the post-WW2 era in the late 1940s to where prom became what we know it as today: a night of extended curfews, rented limos, and ball-gown dresses that will soon be permanently placed in the back of the closet. 

This year, prom for SLHS will most likely still continue, though it of course will not look the same to previous years. Student council president and senior Shawn Stridiron said, “[I am] not really sure how prom will look this year. It will probably be at the school and outdoors. To maintain social distancing, there will be a 300-person limit.” In the history of SLHS, there has never been an outdoor prom– typically it is held at  Laurel Manor in Livonia. 

Many students such as student council member and senior Ella Ranalli express concern. She said, “I really hope that prom will still happen this year because friends hangout with each other all the time outside of school without masks, so why [can] we [not] gather with masks on together at prom? Especially since prom will be outside.” Even without a formal prom organized, there is a strong probability that students will still host their own prom outside of school, as we saw with the class of 2020. 

Senior Isabella Kuri notes the importance of vaccinations for increased safety. She said, “I think prom could be safe because vaccinations are available to anyone over 16 so that could limit the risk depending on how many people get vaccinated.” Of course the vast majority of students will be unvaccinated, she at least argues some will, herself included. 

Despite the students’ concerns, prom will go on! Mrs. Keena, art teacher and student council director, said: “Pending any change in legislation that would hinder this event, we are planning to host a prom here at SLHS near and in the football stadium area from 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Friday, June 4.

The event will still be a formal event and there will be several food trucks, music (no dancing), photo booth, and games! We [are] looking forward to celebrating our seniors where they have spent their past four years working toward graduation.” 

Even though prom may not look how it typically would, we should to be grateful that we are still having one, as many other schools have canceled theirs all together. So, let’s all get together under the Friday night lights to make more prom, just like our year, one we will never forget. 

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