A letter from your editor

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, Lyonlife Editor-in-Chief

The quarantine plan for SLHS has been becoming more and more prominent. Watching as students come in and out of school not knowing when or if they will be sent home is terrifying for some. Being 100 percent in-person takes a student’s daily habits and places them in the hands of the school board.

Those who are still worried about COVID-19 and have talked to their administrators are abled to stay at home during this time, but only under certain circumstances.

Seniors begin to take on their next few weeks of school in person, as they are expected to attend all in person classes along with 9th, 20th, and 11th graders. 

Hopeful for a successful graduation, SLHS has now been COVID-19 testing all students who play spring sports. This has been useful for families, allowing them to have confidence that their loved one is safe and healthy.

With the COVID-19 circumstances, seniors are excited to graduate and start their journey with post-highschool plans. Although this year has been hectic with never-ending changes, SLHS is hoping all students can end the year knowing that they did all they could to make the best of it. 

While SLHS seniors begin to say their goodbyes, the Lions’ Roar staff would like to congratulate each student on their patience and flexibility throughout the switch from online to hybrid to in-person learning and all the abrupt back and forths between each. We would also like to wish all seniors good luck with whatever they choose to accomplish after graduation.

Lions out!

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