Prom dress trends set to inspire for the 2021 season

Ava Mac ‘21, Editor-in-Chief

With a potential prom on the horizon, seniors are beginning to hit the dress stores in search of the right dress for their big night out. While some seniors have been planning their prom outfit since freshman year, other students may not be so prepared. Need some inspiration for finding the perfect prom dress? We’ve got you covered. 

Popular styles for this year are a mix of timeless classics and new renditions. Ball gowns, of course, have always been a staple in prom fashion, especially considering how so few circumstances allow for such big and unrestrained formality. The fairytale magic of wide skirts of layered tulle and light pastel or jewel tone colors makes the ball gown the perfect style for a magic night.

High-low gowns offer a similar regal effect with their higher front hemlines and longer, more flowy, backs. As with off-shoulder gowns whose wide necklines and long figures give the wearer an elegant look. Open back dresses also give the air of both drama and sophistication, and their defining feature—the scooped back dropping to the waistline—will certainly turn heads.

 Just as eye-catching are illusion gowns, which have become more popular in recent years. Illusion gowns use sheer lace and tulle fastened with beaded and embroidered embellishments to create what prom dress store Zapaka calls a “sophisticated and glamorous” appearance. 

As for colors and materials, pastels such as rose, lavender, or sky blue and bold, striking hues such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue dominate this year’s prom dresses. 

Senior Chloe Bank is going for a more pastel look with her dreamy sky blue dress as she noted, “the color made me feel like I was wearing Cinderella’s dress.” Aside from pastels and bold tones, glitter, velvet, lace, and beaded accents are also popular dress features and add a unique and dazzling element to one’s dress.

While style is important, comfortability should also take priority. You should wear something that not only allows you to dance and enjoy the night, but also something that empowers you to fully embrace both your inner and outer beauty with confidence and grace. 

For those still searching for that perfect dress, prom dresses can be found locally at any of the following locations: Windsor, David’s Bridal, Macy’s, and the Dress Shop.

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