Vacations: how can they be best spent?

Jessica Sarrach ‘24, News Editor

As summer vacation grows near, students are left to ponder what is the best way they should spend their three months of freedom. Vacations can be spent very differently depending on how a person chooses to “relax.” Some may take comfort in doing absolutely nothing for a week while others might find joy in traveling across the country. Regardless, the options are endless.


One of the most popular forms of vacation is traveling. With life bringing so many constant pressures, it can be nice to take a break from reality when given the chance. The good thing about  traveling is, you can choose to be as safe or adventurous as you want. For some people, vacationing on a beach in Florida is the dream; to others, climbing through the Smoky Mountains offers a greater release.

 One of the many perks of traveling is how everything is up to your design. The world has a wide range of attractions and types of cuisine that satisfy different people, and the exciting thing about traveling is you get to choose it all.

Freshman Alaynna Olesuk said, “I like to travel because [it is] an escape from reality.” Sometimes responsibilities can become overbearing, and traveling can provide the perfect temporary “escape” from those daunting tasks.

Spending time with loved ones

Some people like to spend their vacation time appreciating the ones they love. With the ongoing stream of work from school and extracurriculars, finding time for close friends and family can become nearly impossible. When a break comes along, many jump at the possibility to spend time with the people who make them feel good. 

Freshman Abby Sartori said, “I enjoy spending vacation time with my family because it gives us a chance to be with each other without the interruptions of work and school.” For many families, school and work take up most of their time, so when a vacation comes along they choose to spend it together. 

Spending time with loved ones can also be really good for one’s mental health, as being around other people can increase serotonin production. Serotonin, also known as the happy chemical, is a hormone that stabilizes emotions while also helping daily functions like sleeping, digestion, and eating. Hanging out with others can help to release this hormone, making seeing loved ones a great way to spend a vacation as well as offering some added health benefits.

Catching up on self-care

While self-care may not be the most “interesting” form of vacationing, it is sometimes a much-needed practice. As life gets too hectic, it can become easy to forget to partake in necessary health protocols. When a vacation comes along, it offers the perfect time to focus on regaining a healthy sleeping pattern, getting back on track with healthier eating habits, and maintaining a personal hygiene regimen

Humans tend to be much happier when healthy, so sometimes taking a self-care vacation is the best use of time. Not only do self-care vacations help people, but they can also offer lasting relief for after the vacations. No matter the time, it is always important to take care of yourself, having a little free time to focus on self-care can be the perfect use of a break.


To some people, the best use of a vacation is to live on the sofa for a week. Many turn to vacation for a nice, clean break from reality, and one great way to do that is to get immersed in another. With streaming platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, binge-watching endless hours of TV has become an easy option. Getting lost in another reality can help some people cope with the stress of their own. While spending twenty hours straight watching a show may not seem the healthiest option, sometimes it is what’s needed.

Freshman Mackenzie Csapo said, “I like to spend my vacation binge watching TV because it makes me happy.” For people like Csapo, watching TV shows – if you’re in need of a suggestion, try a classic such asGrey’s Anatomy or The Office or a  movie comedy like Grown Ups and The Hangover – can be the perfect way to settle down from a previously exhausting week or month, making it a great use of one’s vacation time.

Reading a good book

For certain people, their happy place is curled up on the couch with a good book. Reading can simultaneously be entertaining while also challenging the mind to keep it sharp. Some people enjoy letting their brains “rot” with their free time, but others need a little more stimulation. Reading can offer the perfect balance of entertainment and knowledge.

Reading opens a separate world where one does not have to focus on the constant pressures and faults of the world around us. Sometimes people just need a break from reality, and reading can be the perfect escape.

Vacations, whether they be a week or a few months of summer bliss, can be spent in varying ways, allowing people to escape their daily pressures the best way they see fit. Whether it be focusing on health, or just having a good time, vacation time can offer a much-needed break.

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