Spring Break delivers expectations and realities

Cora DeWyre ‘21, Circulation, Business/Ad, and Social Media Manager

Senior Spring Break 2021 Q & A 

Spring Break 2021 was definitely one to remember. With the changing circumstances, South Lyon High School’s Seniors were asked a series of questions before heading off to Spring Break. These questions are as follows: Where are you going? Who are you going with? What activities will you be doing? What are your expectations? And do you think your expectations will be met? 

Let’s see what expectations were met, how some exceeded their Spring Break dreams, and how the trips went. 

Senior Joey Ripley 

Before: “[I am] going to St. Petersburg…with family and friends. Nothing really planned…just gonna chill. I have no expectations except to have a good time. And those expectations will indeed be met.”

After: “Spring Break was great. Yes, my expectations were met because I had none.” 

Senior Shawn Stridiron 

Before: “[I am] going to Clearwater… with Blaise Mardossian, Sam Mullins and a bunch of people from (South Lyon) East. We are going fishing and to the beach. My expectations are that we have a COVID-19 safe break. [I am] trying to get vaccinated before I leave so hopefully those expectations will be met.” 

After: “It was fun. Nothing went wrong except that I got sun poisoning. My expectations were met; I just wish it was longer.” 

Senior Bryan Sanchez 

Before: “[I am] going to Clearwater…with a group of [over 50] kids that include Jack Farkas, Julien Neer, Luke Hewitt, etc.  [We are] going deep ocean fishing, having a group white out dinner, and just partying on the beach. My expectations [are not] really the best because of COVID-19, but [I am] still expecting to be having a blast and enjoying my time, and I hope my expectations are met, if not better.”

After: “My trip was honestly amazing. Absolutely nothing went wrong and everything went as planned. All my expectations were exceeded to be honest. I had such a blast and enjoyed the whole break.”

Senior Alison Settembrini 

Before: “[I am] going to Fort Myers, Florida with my friends. We will be going to the beach and also partying. Overall, I just want to have fun. I think my expectations will be met for my spring break.”

After: “My trip was very good. The only thing that went wrong was on the way back, our flight was delayed. My expectations were met on this trip; it was a fun time.” 

Senior Isa Kuri 

Before: “[I am] going to Panama City Beach with Rachel Hardy and Becky Kalaj. We plan on hanging out at the beach and enjoying the sun. My expectation is to get a sunburn, [and] I think that will definitely be met.” 

After: “My trip was very fun, all of my expectations were met. The only thing that went wrong is I tried to jump over a two foot wall and didn’t make it over. Other than that I had a lot of fun 10/10 trip.”

Each SLHS Senior interviewed had an enjoyable experience this Spring Break Season. Travelling far and wide, the students found a way to make the best and safest decisions during uncertain times.

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