The luck of the Irish jumpstarts St. Patrick’s Day

Cora DeWyre ‘21, Circulation Manager and Business/AD Manager

Have you ever had a time where you felt extremely lucky? Do you get superstitious and need to do a certain routine in order to perform well? Do you enjoy Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s during the month of March? Is there Irish heritage in your family lineage? Whatever the superstition may be, St. Patrick’s Day is filled with various traditions. 

St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun holiday to celebrate regardless of Irish heritage. Students recall the times in earlier years when they celebrated St. Patty’s Day in elementary school, or at family gatherings. Senior Brooke Ziolkowski said, “I remember when I was younger always searching to find something green to wear and seeing the elementary classrooms decorated.” 

Many individuals have traditions and structure to their life that makes them feel lucky. Ziolkowski added, “I have never been a really superstitious person. I would say that one good luck charm I had throughout high school was a safety pin that I had on my cross country uniform. I had gotten it at one of my races during freshman year and forgot to take it off of my uniform after I took off and ended up keeping it for the remainder of the season.” She saw this as a good luck charm for the rest of her years in cross country. 

Many families also have an Irish lineage worth celebrating. Senior Ella McCauley said, “I have a little Irish heritage on my dad’s side, so we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green of course.” Traditionally, people celebrate in many different ways. McCauley continued, “For the past few years it’s become a fun little thing, especially for my youngest sister, to build a leprechaun trap the night before St. Patrick’s Day. A leprechaun has never been caught, but sometimes chocolate coins and St. Patrick’s Day necklaces are found in the trap the next day.” Remembering the little things, like the luck of the leprechaun, or superstitions before a sports game, all help lift the spirits of the March holiday. Whether it is wearing the color green, leaving a trap for a leprechaun, or going to McDonald’s to buy a Shamrock Shake, the St. Patrick’s Day traditions will live on. How will you celebrate this March 17?

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