A change to the system: students give their thoughts on the new Wednesday schedule

Jessica Sarrach ‘24, News Editor

The 2020-2021 school year has proven to be very different than any years prior. This term we have seen hybrid schedules, fully virtual classes, and heavily sanitized classrooms. The 2020-2021semesters have been a rollercoaster ride, but perhaps some of the changes have been good. 

At the start of the second semester, a new Wednesday schedule was implemented. The new  plan made it so students could have personal time in the morning to accomplish whatever tasks necessary, attend all six classes in shortened periods, and have an allotted space to ask questions and seek extra help.

One perk of this change for many students was the added time to sleep in. Senior Noah Green said, “The [new] Wednesday schedule is pretty sick because you can sleep in.” The new schedule has first hour starting at 8:45 a.m., so students are given an added hour and 25 minutes of personal time. This offers kids a much-needed break to just take some time and relax.

Another perk of the school’s new Wednesday schedule is the time provided to ask teachers questions on new material. Freshman Marylee Peliter said, “I really appreciate the Wednesday schedule because it gives me time to ask my teachers questions. Sometimes, with the normal schedule, we run out of class time for clarification, but now Wednesdays add time for much-needed support.” A lot of students experience anxiety about not understanding new material, but with the school’s new plan, kids are given time to ask the questions they need to comprehend materials.

Freshman Emily Lesile said, “I personally love the Wednesday schedule. It allows me to sleep in or get work done before actually having class. I think [it is] necessary during this time to be able to ask your teachers questions about the material of your grade without interrupting class time since we [do not] get to see our teachers everyday.” As Lesile explains, with this year’s new schedule we do not get to see our teachers everyday, and sometimes a little added support is necessary.

With SLHS’s new Wednesday schedule, many kids are breathing a sigh of relief. The new schedule provides kids with crucial time to just step back and ask for the help they need. School can get overwhelming, and it gets easy to fall behind, but with the school’s new schedule it might just get a little easier to stay on track.

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