Adventures to accomplish through extended quarantine

Cora DeWyre ‘21, Circulation Manager and Business/AD Manager

Are you constantly bored, confined in the walls of your home? Do you need activities to keep you occupied? Are you willing to venture into the outdoors to cure your boredom? Many students are facing a bit of insanity over this extended quarantine into the new year. Finding ways to pass the time outside, and doing so safely during the pandemic, is crucial to make your time in 2021 a little more adventurous and interesting. 

Road-Trip to Neighboring States:

One way to stay moving is to explore different towns you have never been to before. You can walk around the city until you have found a neat photo-op. Want to eat out at a restaurant again? Drive to the Ohio/Michigan border and take the first exit when you hit Ohio. Restaurants are open for dining in cities close to the Michigan border, such as Toledo and Sylvania. 

Winter Snow Activities:

Hit the ski hill, black diamond, or the bunny hill this winter season, but make sure to pack your hand warmers! Learn a new skill out on the slopes, or take a ride in your saucer down a sledding hill. McHattie Park would be the perfect place to bundle up and sled for hours. There are also many ice rinks offering open skate for the newcomers or pros to practice their skills on the ice. When the temperatures drop, the lakes will be frozen and become the perfect place to host outdoor skating, hockey tournaments and ice fishing. 

Retail Therapy

Have you been saving up your Christmas money and recent earnings? Go out to Twelve Oaks, Somerset Collection, or any mall of your choice, and treat yourself to some new clothes. There is nothing a little retail therapy cannot fix. A shopping spree full of cozy blankets, puffer jackets, or fuzzy socks can be just the trick this winter season. 

Listening to New Music Releases:

With the holidays coming to a close, move away from the Christmas classics, and dive into new music releases from some of the world’s most streamed artists. Musicians such as Kid Cudi (Man on the Moon III: The Chosen), Miley Cyrus (Plastic Hearts), and many more have released brand new albums and singles for the world to enjoy. Senior Alison Settembrini said, “Kid Cudi’s new album is one of my favorites because I like almost every song in it and [it is] overall a very good album to listen to during quarantine.” With the extra free time in quarantine, it is a perfect opportunity to listen to a new genre of music this winter season. 

Explore Parks and the Outdoors

Take a walk into the woods and find a nature path to enjoy. There are many parks in the South Lyon area that host various outdoor activities and are home to scenic views. Kensington Metropark, Island Lake State Park, James F. Atchison Memorial Park, McHattie Park, and various others are right down the road from our town. Walking your dog, hiking a trail, or taking pictures are all ways to stay active in the parks this season. Jump into an adventure and breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors. 

Get Crafty

Have you been wanting to try a DIY off of your Pinterest board recently? Bring that craft to life! Some pastimes could include: making a tie blanket of fleece, redecorating your room with wall art, learning how to make friendship tie bracelets, or finding something to paint. Senior Jordan Crouch said, “[I have] been busy making art for college applications. [It has] been really time-consuming, but at least it keeps me distracted while [I am] at home all day.” 

Food Frenzies

Many restaurants are closed during this time of extended quarantine. Various establishments, however, offer outside dining in Igloos and heated patios. Travel to one and see if it is worth the hype. Other families might want to challenge themselves to make exotic home-cooked meals. Some restaurants are even releasing their food recipes for people to try and make. Throw in a little friendly competition and compete with family to make the best dish of the night. 

Binge-Watch and Stream your Favorites

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home? Too cold to go out? That is perfectly fine. Cozy up with a warm blanket and a hot chocolate, and start binge-watching all of your favorite shows and movies. Sophomore Mariessa Zarazua said, “During quarantine, I watched several new TV shows like Agents of Shield, Lost in Space, Glee, and Cobra Kai.” With the addition of new and upcoming movie and tv show releases, Netflix favorites are a great way to unwind and relax. 

Whatever the activity is, we should all try something new this winter season to help keep us occupied and out of the house. Challenge yourself to involve yourself in a fun and high-energy activity this quarantine season, and step out of your comfort zone to do something new.

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