A glance at a new-ish beginning: a letter from the editor

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, Lyon Life Editor-in-Chief 

Throughout 2020, we have encountered more problematic factors than we can count on all ten of our fingers. The devastating effects of the pandemic have led us to go about our daily lives a little differently this year in terms of virtual school/work and public activities, not to mention a senior year with no homecoming dance, no sport student sections, and the possibility of no senior prom.  It is hard to plan for the future of COVID in terms of length or intensity of lockdown, because we do not have a set month, or even year, in which our routines and activities will be able to return to what once was deemed “normal.”

Nearing 2021, most precautions such as masks and social distancing will still be preferred. But how will society look after the pandemic is through? 

Due to risk of possibility of infection, even after many vaccines have been disseminated to the public, mask wearing will most likely be preferred when in public places immediately following the pandemic being considered ‘over’. After we have adapted to online learning and virtual occupations, many families may feel more comfortable continuing their education progress at home. Once in-person schooling resumes, we have to continue to remain cautious if us seniors hope to have the graduation we deserve, or, really, any graduation at all.

 New considerations regarding health and safety will take time, and with time, comes cooperation and patience. While focusing on the safety of ourselves, friends, and family, we cannot go back to having large gatherings until we see no new cases for an extended period of time.

This year has brought us many challenges—most of which have been derived from the global pandemic we never thought would be presented to us. COVID-19 has made it much more difficult for me and my fellow seniors, and really for all students of all ages in general to grasp and grow in this new, virtual way of learning, and of life. COVID has not only pulled me away from my close friends this year, but also diminished most possibilities of a successful school and senior year. As seniors in our last semester of high school, we need to work together to fight the pandemic one step at a time. Consider mask wearing and social distancing when in any social environment with other classmates or family. The number one priority for us right now is to keep pushing to stay safe and healthy in order to live our best and most mask-free lives in the future.

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