The stars are aligning for your November horoscopes

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, LyonLife Editor-in-Chief

Winter is arriving, and the odds may be in our favor for our fall and winter horoscopes. Whether it be the pandemic or the recent election, we are probably feeling more stressed than usual. Here are some answers to your madness and reasons why each zodiac should look forward to the month of November.

Aries– Towards the beginning of the month, you will feel as if there is too much for you to handle and accomplish. These situations may be social or physical. However, on November 13, when Mercury is in retrograde, you will start to feel more free. After all of the possible hardships from the previous weeks, your energy shift will be palpable enough to overcome those things you have been awaiting.

Taurus– It is likely that you will find some relief in anything stressful you may be facing right now. It is time to follow your heart and make that decision you have been planning. There is a new step ahead in life for you, Tauruses, and nothing but positivity should stem from those outcomes.

Gemini– With the election being the biggest topic on our minds right now, you will learn to de-stress and find peace this month. You will receive a sign to persevere. Although you may be overwhelmed and anxious, there are good things in store for those that are patient.

Cancer- Cancers, November is a time for you to regain trust in yourself and others. This is a time to focus on your relationships, whether they are intimate or not. You will be urged to form stronger bonds with those around you to make your relationships healthier, and to create new friendships as well.

Leo- You will learn to express yourself and find creativity within your environment. However, you will need to control your emotions to a certain extent. This is a good time for independence and relaxation of the body and mind. These strategies will help you understand your importance and further explore yourself.

Virgo- It is likely that you will acquire some impactful news this month. That person you’ve been waiting to hear from might call or you may be hired to a new job. Whatever it may be, prepare yourself for an uplifting change of events in the next few weeks. Be mindful when you receive this information, it could be life-changing.

Libra- November is a time for you to settle down and take in all you have achieved. You may be financially stable or reach a set goal in your life. Annabel Gat from Vice said, “The mood is optimistic and open-minded. You may make an exciting investment at this time. At home, things are feeling cozy.” Stay aware of your money and living situation because you might be in the right place at the right time to observe all that you have and all that is to come.

Scorpio- Your season is here, Scorpios. This month is the perfect time to make subtle but important decisions. You will display confidence in yourself and others when making decisions. When compromising, however, be mindful of how it may affect your future plans or goals. If you stay on the right path, this will be one of the best birthday months for you Scorpios.

Sagittarius- Fellow Sags, this month is a time for us to recuperate and create a solid energy of communication. We will be focused on our peers and how they interact with us this month. Even if we may not be finding what we need in our conversations, keep your head up for influential information that could increase your social skills and compatibility.

Capricorn- Be ready—this month will invite you to a new realm of ideas and decision making. Careful when making new choices, though, and understand that they could be life-changing. These changes are meant to be presented to you; however, stay true to yourself. These choices can still be made in the future.

Aquarius- Congratulations, Aquarians! You will most likely receive some form of acceptance or recognition within the next few weeks. All of your hard work may have finally paid off. This recognition is probably something you have had in mind as a goal you set for yourself in the present. You will reap the rewards you have been patiently waiting for.

Pisces- Time to start a new adventure! Your November horoscope releases your relentless side and provokes you to try something new. Break out of your comfort zone and daily routines to try something crazy. You might feel passionate about travel and education. Run with your ideas, and it will get you somewhere positive this month. Happy journeys!

With each zodiac having completely different predictions this November, no sign is superior to another. Take this time to reflect over the anxieties such as COVID-19 and impending holiday stress, and understand that each person reacts differently to such situations. Hopefully, these predictions will shed some light on the chaos and lift some weight from our shoulders.

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