Lions leaving the jungle

Kelly Thorell ‘21, Opinion Editor 

 The current South Lyon senior class will soon make their way from the jungle and be on their way into the world. Though wherever they go, they will take a part of SLHS right along with them. These Lions will go on to spread the branches of SLHS all across the state, or even the country. With the unique challenges of this year paired with the stress of college applications, let’s see where ten seniors are applying, as well as their thoughts on this turbulent year.

Noah Clemens: “I’ve applied to Michigan State (MSU). I think COVID will still have a huge impact on college next year, mask wearing will probably be mandatory.”

Vincent Adragna: “I’ve applied to Cleveland State, Carthage, and a few other  schools. It’s going well- I’ve been accepted into three schools. I think it will be weird going to college with COVID going on because even large schools will have just a few people in every class.”

Sabrina Olivera: “I am applying to Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and MSU. The process is going well; I think college is very different because of all the regulations and changes being made constantly due to COVID.”

Brendan Krause: “I am applying to Michigan Tech, University of Michigan (U of M) and MSU. I haven’t finished my U of M application yet, but the process overall hasn’t been terrible. It’s been bumpy trying to figure out everything because it’s not all self explanatory, but my parents and counselors have helped me a lot. I’m not looking forward to college if Covid-19 guidelines still exist because it will not make my first year enjoyable, and it will probably make it more difficult learning the nuances of whatever college I attend.”

Isa Kuri: “I’m applying to Central Michigan University (CMU) and Western Michigan University (WMU). The process is going fairly well but it started off as stressful because I don’t know much about it since I’m going to be a first generation U.S. college student. However, with the help of my cousin as a mentor, I feel less anxious and I’m ready to start applying for scholarships and work on my plans for the future.”

Senior Blaise Mardossian: “I’m applying to MSU, GVSU and Purdue, although I am a bit behind as I’ve only just started the Common App. In regards to COVID, I would say that school will definitely be more virtual, and I think this won’t affect much due to the nature of college courses.”

Steven Prudhomme: “I’m applying mainly to Michigan Tech and have been accepted. I am also working on an application to Kettering. I think college will be somewhat like the school we have now where you go in the few classes you need to be in person for, and you’ll have to wear masks. Let’s hope that we can get through COVID before 2021.”

Sommer Kotch: “For now I have applied to MSU, and I’m planning to apply to University of South Carolina, Columbia, and University of Colorado Boulder next. I think college will be very different because there’s still a lot of the virus going down. Unfortunately, I feel like when we get into college, we’ll still have to take more precautions and we’ll still have to wait for things to be normal again. I’m more excited to go to college, but I’m nervous as to what colleges I’ll get accepted into and then choosing as well.”

Grace Stys: “I am applying to U of M, MSU, Hope, University of Detroit Mercy and a couple other random ones. The process itself is going pretty good but the SAT situation was frustrating because there wasn’t much time or opportunities to get the score you really wanted. I’m excited for college, but I definitely think college will be a lot different for us than years past because by the time we get there, I think they will have solid precautions for COVID, and we’ll be separated more.”

Senior Emma Dalzohio: “The process has been really easy for me since I’ve committed to play soccer. I’ve only had to apply to one school. I’m super excited to go to college in Florida and I think down there COVID will cause a lot more of the classes to be outside.”

The school year of 2020-2021 hasn’t been a typical year, and most likely next year will not be either. Though even with the new normal of masks and social distancing, the class of 2021 will safely depart from the jungle and achieve greatness.

Good Luck to the class of 2021!

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