Dear Reader,

You have probably heard it enough to last a lifetime, but we are truly living in a historic year. From a pandemic completely transforming our way of life, to a groundbreaking movement across the country confronting racial injustice, this year has been nothing less than eventful, especially with the presidential election this month to top it all off. 2020 will certainly be written about in textbooks for decades to come, and our grandchildren will be asking us how we managed to get by. This is one of the first defining moments of our generation, and it is important that we become an active part of the narrative now.

All of our thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on everything that has happened this year matter, and as we come of age, it is vital that we make our voices heard. With the advantages of social media and the Internet, we have the platform to do so. And as we connect with people all around the world and access the infinite amount of information the Internet provides, we can become aware of injustices we previously overlooked and educate ourselves in subjects that we previously misunderstood. 

Working through our inherent ignorance and admitting our faults will be difficult, and taking on the ignorance plaguing our country as a whole will be no easier. Knowing, however, that we are all making this conscious effort to fight prejudice and misjudgements will make it all the more impactful. 

And so I implore you all to be active in our country’s conversations and open yourself up to new thoughts and ideas. We have experienced so much this year, and the reflections and takeaways we gain from both the trials faced and uplifting moments earned are important and deserve to be shared.

 I hope that we can all come out of this difficult and divisive year with a better understanding of ourselves and others. While we do not know what 2021 may bring, we can hopefully carry with us the knowledge that we have each other and that somehow, in some way, we will be okay.

Thank you for reading and stay informed,

Ava Mac, Editor-in-Chief

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