Yearbook staff continues to work despite COVID-19

Peyton Lewis ’23, Feature Editor

When South Lyon High School students are flipping through their yearbook in 10 years, they’ll be turning through pages full of memories of clubs, football games, homecoming, prom, and lots of other events. But when they flip through their 2020 yearbook, it may look very different.

Due to COVID-19, the South Lyon school setting looks unusual compared to years past. As of press time on Nov. 17, only half of the student body is in school on any given day. They must maintain strict social distancing, and most ‘normal’ and popular events have been cancelled. This is hard on everyone, but it is also particularly hard on this year’s yearbook staff. 

Sophomore Natalie Young said, “Some challenges I’ve faced with yearbooks this year have been selling ads, with Covid it’s quite tricky to go into businesses and sell ads to them.” The yearbook relies heavily on ads for its funding, but the pandemic has hit many businesses hard.

In addition to the lack of ad funding, senior Lia Quatro said, “It’s also been difficult not being in school the same day as the people we are working with.” Teamwork is important when it comes to making a successful yearbook, but the hybrid learning situation means not everyone is in school at the same time.

 Despite the struggle to sell ads and the added challenge of not having their fellow staff members in school with them, the yearbook staff is still determined to make this year’s yearbook a success. Senior Editor Emily Henderson said, “One of the most challenging things about making the yearbook this year is actually getting pictures. Since we are barely in school, we have to rely on people sending in pictures to us, which is very difficult since about 90 percent of the time people won’t respond unless you know them.” The lack of students in the building makes it hard for staff members to capture student life. Quatro also added that they are “finding ways to cover things about the students that people don’t typically focus on, like hidden talents, collectors, and other student activities.”

Even though the yearbook staff has encountered some challenges, they’re continuing to work hard and create a memorable yearbook. It will serve as a permanent reminder of just how crazy this year has been for everyone. Instead of clubs and sports, students will see online learning and socially distant activities.

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