Five jobs to apply for before the holiday season

Sydney Mathis ‘21, Student Life Editor

With the holiday season approaching, it might be time to earn some extra cash in order to get someone important—or yourself—a nice gift. However, holiday cheer brings holiday prices. There are millions of job opportunities around the state, but as teenagers, it is hard to travel for work due to the busy school schedule. Here are some job opportunities in our community that may be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Kroger (South Lyon and Novi)

Most likely, you have visited this local grocery store. With two locations across town, Kroger has a lot of job opportunities for teenagers. Senior Isabella Paurazas said, “I’m grateful to be working with people I’m close to. It really helps with my social skills.” Paurazas works at the Kroger on 10 Mile Rd. right outside of Novi. If you are looking for something closer, there is also one on Pontiac Trail in downtown South Lyon. Paurazas is constantly busy. She gets food for the online pick up orders and stocks shelves. Paurazas sees herself as a great communicator, especially towards the customers. They are currently hiring, so if you think working at your neighborhood Kroger is a good fit for you, fill out an application ASAP.

  1. Biggby Coffee (South Lyon and New Hudson)

As the temperature drops, coffee shops such as Biggby have been getting a lot of business as people rave for holiday drinks. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks among teenagers, and it really helps us get through the day. Now, think about how cool it would be to learn how to make your own latte or frappe! Senior Isabella Lawson said, “Working at Biggby is so fun! We’ve been getting really busy lately, and learning how to make all the different drinks is really cool, so now I can make them at home!” Working in customer service is a big responsibility, and it can teach some important life lessons.  If you think making drinks and working in the food service industry is something you are interested in, come into Biggby Coffee. With locations in both South Lyon and New Hudson, there are plenty of opportunities at Biggby’s all around.

  1. British Swim School (South Lyon)

At this British swim school, they do not serve tea and crumpets, but they do serve up some amazing classes and great wages. Junior Tahani Attia said, “The British Swim school is a place for everyone to learn and have fun, including the staff. If you like to work with little kids, I would advise applying at British Swim School.” Attia added, “I’ve been working there for 11 months, and I absolutely love it and the benefits that come with working there.” While being friendly and professional, British Swim School is a great place to start your career journey.

  1. Texas Roadhouse (Novi)

Working in a corporate environment early can prepare you for the jobs you might see when you get to college. One of the newest additions to Novi’s nightlife scene is Texas Roadhouse. Junior Maya Katsuda said, “I love working at Texas Roadhouse. The work environment is great and filled with amazing people. Working at Texas Roadhouse has definitely helped me work on my social skills.” As someone who is really shy, working in the food industry has really brought her out of her shell. She has that social interaction when running to-go bags out to cars, and the responsibility of carefully packing food up in the kitchen. Working with food is a big responsibility, and learning something new while being so young is a great life lesson. If you’re looking for a place with that “southern hospitality,” come fill out an application at Texas Roadhouse. From the South Lyon area, it is only around 20-30 minutes away. 

  1. T.J Maxx (Novi)

If working in a restaurant is not your style, maybe retail might be. As someone who loves to shop, Senior Mallory Simpson said that “working at T.J Maxx has really shown me how to get good deals at stores, and it’s really boosted my confidence when dealing with customers.  My social skills have improved, and it’s way easier to talk to people.” At work, Simpson stocks shelves, helps customers around the store, and rings people up at the register. She describes herself as someone who has a hard time communicating with people she does not know very well, and now that she has a job in retail, she has taken the steps to get over that fear. 

If you’re looking to find something to introduce you to the adult world, or find a sense of responsibility, I suggest considering one of these places to apply. Whether you’re interested in serving food at Texas Roadhouse, or teaching kids to swim at the British Swim School, getting a first time job shows leadership, responsibility and has life-long benefits.

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