Students and staff give their thoughts on in-person learning

Peyton Lewis ‘23, Feature Editor

For the 2020 school year, South Lyon made the decision to begin the first four weeks online. Now, with those four weeks come and gone, students and teachers are back in the building. There are advantages and disadvantages to starting school again–especially when the country is facing a pandemic.

When asked about returning to school, Mrs. Erica Hoffman said, “[I am] looking forward to seeing students’ faces–or at least part of their faces. [I am] tired of seeing colored circles with letters in them.” During class, many students are choosing not to have their cameras on. This can make it difficult for teachers to engage their students during class time. However, there are many reasons why a student may choose to keep their camera off. Sophomore Peyton Beck said “I keep my camera off because it’s easier for me to focus that way. It’s also really hard for me to sit still for two hours so I move around a lot and I don’t want to be distracting to other people.” Teachers and students have different thoughts on cameras and returning to school eliminates the need for cameras all together.

Similarly, Mrs. Jenna Mate said, “One of my favorite parts of teaching is interacting with students, and I am happy that I will be able to see [masked] faces again.” Teaching online does not allow teachers to interact with students in the way they normally would, which does not allow them to form the bonds and relationships they normally would during a typical school year. 

Even though going back in person can provide the ability for teachers to interact with their students more, it can also have some risks. Mrs. Nicole Keena said, “I am so excited to see students in person and have a deeper interaction! On the other hand, I am nervous as I want all of us to be safe and keep our families safe and well.” Going back in person means everyone, both teachers and students, are at a higher risk of getting sick and endangering both themselves and their loved ones.

Freshman Kassidee Agnew, who has similar concerns to Keena, said, “[I am] a little nervous to return to school in person, but also a little excited. [I am] nervous because [I am] scared I might get lost trying to find all my classes, but I am excited to finally go back to school after being home for so long. [I am also] excited to be able to see my friends and to maybe make some new friends.” This year, going back to school comes with an extra layer of nervousness, and for freshmen, it’s even more nerve racking. 

The 2020 school year started off rough, and it may be a long time before things return to the way they were before, but hopefully by transitioning into in-person school, teachers and students alike can regain some of the normalcy that has been lost due to coronavirus.

South Lyon students moved to a 50 percent hybrid set-up as of Oct. 26.

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