Homecoming king and queen named despite lack of hoco festivities

Kelly Thorell ‘21 Opinion Editor

The notorious year of 2020 has, quite ruthlessly, canceled normality. Concerts, sporting games, political rallies, weddings, and any normal events have been in ruin. Beloved American traditions, like school dances, are not exempt from the hit-list. Despite the cancelation of this year’s dance, South Lyon’s recognition of the homecoming royalty has prevailed.

During the chilly Oct. 9 homecoming football game the audience waited in anticipation for the announcement of this year’s senior court winners. During half time, the counting of the votes were completed and Ryan Hamama and Delaney Chapuseax were announced as this year’s royalty!

 Hamama may not be found on a throne nor in a palace, but instead on the football field in a jersey and cleats. He is a member of the varsity basketball and football team, though he is also involved in other sport-related hobbies. After school he plans to study neuroscience at Ohio State or Michigan State next fall. 

In regards to the queen, Chapuseaux, can be found in a pom uniform, rather than a  ballgown, performing in front of a full stadium under football’s Friday night lights. In addition to pom, she’s an active member of National Honor Society, a competitive dancer, and a hardworking employee at Dairy Queen. Though Dairy Queen won’t be forever because she plans to study pre dentistry or nursing at either Grand Valley State University or Michigan State; she also plans to contribute her learned skills to humanitarian aid. 

How would anyone feel to win such a title in South Lyon, especially during such a remarkable year? Let’s find out. 

Ryan: “I did not expect to win at all and especially in these circumstances where we don’t even have hoco; it was a complete surprise to find out. They announced it during the game, and I guess I was just excited to hear that.”

Delaney: “I was very excited to even be nominated for court. I really had no expectations, and when they announced it at the football game I was so surprised, happy, and honored!”

And how did this king and queen meet?

Ryan: “Delaney and I met freshman year in our spanish class, we didn’t really talk at first but as the year went on we got to know each other more and got closer and closer. We’ve been dating for almost 3 years now and I wouldn’t want anyone else. Everything about Delaney is my favorite, but if I had to pick one it’d be how comfortable we are with each other. I can trust her with anything and everything.”

Delaney: “I met Ryan freshman year in spanish class. We became best friends and have been since. This January will be our 3 year anniversary. My favorite things about Ryan are that he is so kind and welcoming to everyone, he can always make me laugh and put a smile on my face, and he’s also one of the smartest people I know (good for helping me with school.) He is my favorite person and my best friend.”

During the Friday, Oct. 16 football game, Hamama and Chapuseaux were officially crowned as the SLHS 2020 homecoming king and queen.

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