Halloween in COVID-19: Fall Festivities celebrated differently for 2020

Cora DeWyre ‘21, Circulation Manager and Business/AD Manager

Many people in the South Lyon area still plan to celebrate fall festivities under the unique circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic. During the unprecedented time that COVID-19 endures, and as the fall season nears, the holiday, Halloween, pushes the boundaries of public health and safety laws. There are many considerations citizens need to take to help protect themselves from COVID-19 while celebrating. 

Residents of the South Lyon area are being urged to celebrate the nationally recognized holiday in a safe manner. According to the home page of the Welcome to South Lyon website, “The City does not have any authority to cancel Halloween or restrict others from participating in the festivities.” This means, however, that anyone who wishes to participate in Halloween events or celebrations must adhere to public health recommendations. 

Halloween safety during the pandemic is the top priority in order to enjoy a fun and safe night. Some guidelines include: no large groups, masks for everyone, social distancing, and hand sanitizer before and after each encounter. 

Passing out candy is recommended to have a different approach with new procedures and protocols than in years past. People should practice standard handwashing before distributing candy to trick-or-treaters and avoid opening the door each time a child comes up to the porch. Instead, they should distribute the candy while sitting outside and leaving the treats out for them to collect. Candy can also be individually packaged in ziplock bags to limit contact and can be thrown to kids from the sidewalk if preferred.  

Most students are planning on continuing their celebrations with minor tweaks. Sophomore Megan Person said, “I plan to pass out candy in my neighborhood, and I will wear gloves and a mask to protect myself and others.” Another student, freshman Avery Yuhasz, said, “I don’t think I’m going out for Halloween this year, but if I end up going, then I would wear a mask and socially distance to the best of my abilities.”  

The notice to residents of the South Lyon Community only poses advice, not authority to abide by. However, the steps outlined above are crucial in protecting the general public, and following them closely ensures that South Lyon’s seasonal festivities can still carry on. The general public will partake in fall activities during the Coronavirus Pandemic with helpful guidelines to stay safe on Halloween.

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