(Fall)ing in line with seasonal trends

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, LyonLife Editor-in-Chief 

As the leaves begin to change and the climate presents cooler weather, we prepare for the most colorful season: fall. Keeping Halloween and other fall festivities in mind, here are a few items and activities that are crucial to spicing up your fall season.

Pumpkin carving- Carving pumpkins is a classic activity is always a great way to celebrate the season. Pumpkins are ideal for creating a traditional experience, and make excellent autumn decor. Carving designs this year can include jack-o-lanterns, intricate shapes, or even your favorite sports team logo after watching the big MSU vs. UofM Halloween game.

Trips to the apple orchard- Making a stop at your local cider mill is a fall staple. Local mills such as Erwin’s and Three Cedars have spiked in business over the past month. Three Cedars employee and senior Jessica Genord said, “Working at Three Cedars during the season means extremely packed weekends. It is really cool to see how many people love coming to cider mills during this season and how much of a staple donuts and cider are.” Get your fall on with some festive treats and a great photo op.

Trick-or-treating- Strolling from house-to-house in the chilly weather is worth the cold feet when it comes to receiving candy. It is crucial to find a perfect costume in order to fulfill the Halloween tradition. You are never too old to say “Trick-or-treat” in exchange for a delicious delicacy. Although Halloween may look a little different this year, there are definitely safe ways not to miss out on this classic tradition.

In order to have an exceptional fall moment, you might want to accessorise your seasonal outfits. Here are a few autumn staples when it comes to dressing for the colder months.

Warm scarves- Scarves are not only fashionable for autumn, but help to keep warm and cozy when outside. They can be worn plenty of different ways, and will always keep you looking trendy when you need to spice up an outfit. Website Who What Wear said, “Acne Studios makes the best scarfs every fall.” Always remember to stay warm and chic when searching for the perfect autumn accessory.

Chunky sweaters- Oversized sweaters have made a comeback over the last few years. These sweaters are not only convenient for cooler weather, but create a fashion-forward look for any occasion by helping to stay cozy and trendy in your favorite oversized look. These sweaters can be paired with jeans, leggings, or anything your heart desires. There is no doubt that these sweaters will keep you wondering why everyone else is not already wearing one.

Hats/beanies- Any soft and simple beanie pairs perfectly with a chunky sweater and a pair of mom jeans. Although hats are a classic fall necessity, they can spruce up an outfit in no time. Hats such as beanies or fedoras will keep you warm and stylish during these chillier months.

There are many ways to prepare and celebrate the colorful season; these activities and clothing pieces are just a few. Do not forget to observe these autumn traditions and have a festive time doing so. Fall has arrived; let’s act like it.

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