Senior farewell: a goodbye to remember

Abigail Tobis ‘20, Editor-in-Chief


High school was an experience that granted me and many others a time to grow and really figure out who we are. We were able to begin to understand the world around us and how we, and our decisions, can affect others. We were assisted with taking our first steps into the adult world with the help of our parents, teachers, coaches, admin, etc. Even though the class of 2020’s experience was cut short, we still had an extraordinary time at South Lyon High School. 

I have learned so many valuable things in my high school experience. I learned how to become a better writer, speaker, and overall person. One thing that has truly shaped my four years in the jungle is the class, Writing for Publication, better known as newspaper. Before I really knew what the class entailed, I was excited to join as I entered with fellow freshman and friend, Emily Aiken. Little did we know, we would be the only freshmen in a group full of seniors and one junior, but the class I was at first so intimidated by at first eventually became the class I would look forward to the most for years to come. 

Newspaper being my favorite had a lot of factors in it.  The people were and are some of the reasons being on newspaper felt so much like family. Although I was scared of some of them at first, a lot of the seniors that were in the class with me throughout the years have become close friends. When it comes to the class itself, I learned so much about writing, interviewing and talking to people—all of which I will take with me into the real world. Mrs. Kane (Ms. Mullins at the time) has become a role model to me in so many ways. I felt like I could talk to her about anything, and she was someone who was there for me all throughout high school, especially during tough times. I learned a lot from her, specifically how to present yourself strongly and how to appear professional and well spoken. Newspaper and Mrs. Kane will be my hardest goodbye. 

I also met some amazing people—many that I hope to continue my relationship outside of the school walls. Partaking in senior video, newspaper, and TV2 allowed me to meet people I never would have without these opportunities. 

I am very sad to leave everyone, and hopefully we will all get an official goodbye soon. You never think about how much something means to you until you do not have it anymore, and that is a lesson I think all of the class of 2020 learned throughout our unique experience. Everyone, even those walking through the halls that only shared a casual smile, were all a part of our daily routine. Now, as we all gather ourselves into new routines, whether that be the military, working from home, going to college, we will always have these moments to remember and look back on to treasure. 

Thank you South Lyon High School for providing me with friends, an amazing staff, and memories I will forever have to hold onto. It has been four amazing years with everyone. Farewell, class of 2020. 


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