How students are celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine

Darby O’Donnell ‘22 Entertainment Editor

It is no secret that Mother’s Day looked a lot different this year. It can be tricky to figure out ways to celebrate holidays during quarantine, but with some creativity and careful planning, many have found ways to honor their moms on Mother’s Day. Here is how SLHS students are celebrating Mother’s Day this May:


Sophomore Sophia Ash – “I painted my mom a picture of a sunset. Normally, we would go out somewhere, but she liked the painting, and I think she had a good day.”


Junior Emma Dalzochio – “Our family picked up food from Lena’s Kitchen and had breakfast together. We gave her our presents and then our grandparents’ drove by to see us.”


Sophomore Christine Silak – “I gave my mom a watercolor painting of our favorite photo together, and got her flowers. Usually, we go to whatever restaurant she wants, but we couldn’t do that, so we just tried to do what we could at the house.”


Sophomore Katie Eisenmann – “I spent four hours painting my mom a photo of a sloth, and then me and my brother surprised her with a cake that we baked.”


Sophomore Sydney Graytopp – “I made ice cream sundaes for me and my mom, and we watched her favorite movie. The ice cream sundaes were really good.”


Sophomore Grace Robbins – “My family made dinner for my mom, and then we drove by our grandparents house to wish them a happy Mother’s Day.”


Even without the options of going out or spending time with extended family, students still found ways to celebrate their mothers and all that they do. Many students took advantage of quarantine to spend quality time with their mom or to make them personalized gifts. Even though Mother’s Day may have been different this year, there is no doubt that students tried their hardest to make the day special.


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