Thank you South Lyon High

Nicole Bolla ‘22, Mott Community College

Through my 12 years of education in the South Lyon School District, no school has made a more profound impact on me than South Lyon High School. When I started I felt like I was walking into a literal lion’s den, and now I leave feeling like a lion myself. A lion is often used to symbolize courage, and if there is one thing I gained in my time at SLHS, it is without a doubt just that: courage. This school has not only helped me gain confidence in myself, it has also taught me many useful things that some other (not as amazing) schools do not teach their students. This range of values can only really be described as a kaleidoscope of life skills and hobbies. From nonlinear systems of equations all the way to how to solder a chain, SLHS remains a place in my mind where I learn something new every day.

I do not only want to thank South Lyon for teaching me about the world—any school can do thatI would like to thank South Lyon for being so delightfully different. No school I have ever heard of has as much school spirit as the kids from SL, and no school has as much hope for its students. I want to give a huge thank you to any SLHS students, past and current, for showing me that there is no shame in being a little odd and off the wall. Most of all, I would like to sincerely thank Mrs. Kane and my fellow Lion’s Roar staff members for helping me stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone, improving my writing skills, and introducing me to my best friend. I will truly miss all of you and all our wacky hijinks. Although my final year is not going as expected, I still had an absolute blast while it lasted. Goodbye SLHS, and thank you for showing me how to find my roar.


Photo courtesy of the Oakland Press

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