Seniors miss out on many opportunities due to COVID-19

Ashley Barber ‘20, Business/Ad manager


As everyone knows, COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the way people see the world, changed lives, and in some cases brought the worst out in people. Some events are still being overlooked by many like all of the opportunities that the senior class of 2020 are being forced to miss out on. There are many events that the class of 2020 is not going to be able to participate in such as water wars, senior prank, prom, graduation, saying goodbye to teachers, spring break, the parking lot party on the last day, and watching the senior video all together before the clap out. 

Alumni Andrew Birt said,  “Throughout my senior year there were many things that I looked forward to doing with my friends. I could not wait to get my team together for water wars, and I was counting down the days until we got to leave on spring break.” He added, “After spring break, I began to count down the days until it was time to sit in the parking lot and party, then go and enjoy the senior video and say goodbye to all my friends that I won’t see for a while and to all the teachers that I would miss who helped me make it through my four years of high school.” 

The class of 2020 is going to miss out on so many things that other years have got to be a part of. This class and year will never be forgotten. Many people walked into school on Friday March 13 not realizing what was going to happen with school or with the world in general. Students and teachers were very panicked and did not know what was going to come in the next few days. No one realized that it was going to be their last day of school, especially for the seniors. They would likely never be walking inside of South Lyon High again. Everyone has different emotions and feelings on what is going on right now. 

Senior Katie Beauvais said, “I have a lot of mixed emotions about everything going on. In the beginning, I was really upset that I was going to miss senior traditions like water wars and much more. The hardest part was missing my senior season of tennis, but I know it is for the best to keep everyone safe and healthy.”  

Throughout the continued months of 2020, nothing is likely to change anytime soon. Everyone is in a panic about what is going to happen next and people are also not sure what is going to happen for all of our events as seniors. We all need to stay calm and work together. Remember to stay home and stay safe.




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