Student plans for spring break

Darby O’Donnell ‘22, Entertainment Editor

With spring break right around the corner, many students and their families will be heading to exotic and exciting places to make the most of their vacation. Others are just excited to have a break from school and spend some quality time with friends and family while also catching up on sleep. Here is what some students are excited to do for their spring break this year:


Senior Anthony Joseph: “My family is renting a house with a bunch of other families in Florida for my senior spring break. I’m really excited to spend time with my friends.”


Senior Taylor Ranalli: “I’m going on a cruise to Cancún for spring break. I’m excited to relax and spend time with my family!”


Science Teacher Todd Goshorn: “I don’t have any major plans for spring break, which really means that my daughter will make me watch Frozen II five or six times.”


Sophomore Owen McCarthy: “I’m going to Tennessee to visit my grandma, and try to find her cat. My grandma is named Helen, and she is a very nice lady.”


Sophomore Allison Blossfeld: “I’m going to Grand Rapids to spend spring break with my family. It’ll be really nice to be off school for a little bit and have fun with my family.”


Junior Emma Dalzochio: “I’m going down to Purdue and the University of Kentucky to visit Robin and Evelyn Arnold.”


Sophomore Kortney Farrington: “I’m going with my family to Jamaica for spring break this year. We’re staying in a resort, and we usually spend most of our time on the beach or playing sand volleyball. We go with family friends to see tourist spots around the island.”


Freshman Bailey LoFiego: “I’m not going anywhere special for spring break, but I’m honestly just excited to relax, have some time off school, and finally catch up on sleep. I’m looking forward to spring break this year.”


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