SLHS teachers reveal their favorite things about their college experiences

Nikita Wozniak ‘20, Circulation Manager

No matter what college you plan to attend, memories that will last a lifetime will surely be made in the four years a student may spend there. Whether it be joining a sorority or fraternity, playing a sport, participating in a  club, or anything in between, college is the time to both have fun and figure out the next step of your life. The teachers here at SLHS are perfect resources to talk to about the processes and experiences of college. Enjoy a sneak peak into a selection of the school staff and their favorite things they remember from college.


Mrs. Emily Kane – “At Michigan State University, I was able to experience some of the most interesting classes I’ve ever had. I had certain courses that were honestly mind-blowing; from the professor’s knowledge, the content itself, to the students who were in those classes with me, I felt better off as a person for having had that coursework, and some of those classes made me want to be a lifelong learner as well as an educator.” 


Mr. Christopher Schroudt – “The major shift in my college experience took place after my general education courses were finished, and I was in the school of education. The class sizes decrease, and you build relationships with both professors and other students, which makes for a more enjoyable experience. I still occasionally get together with teachers I went to college with.  Prior to this, the classes were big and the amount of collaboration was pretty limited. The other major component was the fact I was specializing in something that I was passionate about. Collaborating with others, building engaging lessons, attempting to perfect your craft; it is a more rewarding experience than walking into a three hour lecture with 150 other students.”


Ms. Alicia Colley – “I loved University of Michigan, so picking a favorite is hard. Things I liked about college were living in a house with my friends for over two years, taking classes and being around people that made me think differently and with more perspective, and getting to be a part of fun clubs, like Dance Marathon and different intramural sports.”

Mr. Andrew Hathikhanavala  – “Some of my best college memories are from traveling around the U.S. with the various choirs, bands, and orchestras that I performed in as a music student. Long bus rides with friends, getting to know new people in unfamiliar places, and sharing great music with appreciative audiences made a huge impact on me and helped me realize that I wanted to teach music and help my students have similarly meaningful experiences.”


Mrs. Brenda McCloskey – “It is hard to pick one favorite memory from Michigan State University. I enjoyed going to sporting events (football, basketball, and hockey), meeting new people, and all the green space. A memorable moment was when I played on a girls flag football intramural team my freshman year. A couple guys we knew from high school were our coaches. Our team was terrible – we did not win a single game! So the last game of the season we decided to dress one of the guys up as a girl and make him the quarterback. The other team commented several times that our quarterback was the ugliest girl they had ever seen!”


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