Families Building Faith begins Easter basket production

Darby O’Donnell ‘22, Entertainment Editor

Between the Easter egg hunts, the family dinners, and the exchanging of baskets, Easter is a holiday to which many look forward. Except, what if the colorful eggs and extravagant baskets do not fit into your budget? That is where Families Building Faith steps in. 

Families Building Faith is a non-profit organization based in South Lyon that is dedicated to bringing families together to do good for those less fortunate than them. The organization distributes personalized Easter baskets each year to those who can not afford them. 

Sophomore Sophia Ash said, “I think it was really good for the community, because it brought people together for a good cause. It’s cool how a few people in South Lyon were able to do something big. It has made a really positive impact in and out of South Lyon.”

Families Building Faith was founded on the idea that Christians of all denominations could come together and help others. In 2005, the organizers were discussing what they could do as a service project, and they realized that each of them had extra Easter baskets lying around their homes. They began to wonder if there were people financially struggling who were in need of Easter baskets. 

As it turns out, there was a demand for Easter baskets in the community, and the idea to distributSophie Easter baskets to people in need was completely unique in South Lyon. With the help of other moms, the organizers ended up distributing about 400 Easter baskets that year alone. 

Senior Anthony Joseph said, “My sister has made Easter baskets at Families Building Faith before. She says it’s fun, and I know that it goes to a good cause. It’s nice to see an opportunity for teenagers to contribute to the community.”

Families Building Faith does not only make Easter baskets. The organization also collects school supplies for kids in need, as well as blankets, pillows, and flashlights for the homeless. Functions such as a children’s clothing drive, a Christmas toy drive, and a Christmas basket distribution are also run by Families Building Faith annually.

Families Building Faith runs many projects each year, and if students want more information on these events they can visit familiesbuildingfaith.com or check out the Families Building Faith Facebook page. 

“Families Building Faith has made a really big impact on South Lyon,” junior Ella Ranalli said. “Students should definitely volunteer. They really make you feel like you’re doing something good, and it’s a lot of fun to personalize the baskets.”

Anyone can sign up to help build easter baskets or donate to the organization. To sign up, students can contact the Families Building Faith Facebook page.


Photo courtesy of familiesbuildingfaith.com

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