New frozen treat is taking the streets of SL by storm

Paige Bunker ‘20, LyonLife Editor-in-Chief


As spring and the promise of warm, sunny days approach faster than ever, South Lyon is getting ready to beat the heat with a fresh new treat. And this is not just any delicacy nitrogen ice cream will be hitting the streets of downtown SL at the new Curvin’s Family Creamery. 

This trendy frozen treat utilizes liquid nitrogen to flash freeze ice cream instead of the traditional churn method, and it has begun to expand across the region. With the more well-known Milkster brand of Northville as inspiration, the Curvins couple plans to open their own nitrogen-based ice cream business in South Lyon.

Chris Curvin, a South Lyon High School graduate himself, is excited to bring a fun product to the city he grew up in. Curvin said,  “It’s something new. The main attraction will be the handcrafted ice we make right in front of the customer.” As South Lyon continues its rapid expansion, the community is in need of some more new and inspiring developments to keep up with its growth. 

The business will be situated downtown right next door to the South Lyon Village Bakery. Though there is no opening date just yet, the business intends to be running by the time the warm days of spring and summer come around in the upcoming year. However, South Lyon students are too excited to wait. Junior Madison Seymour said, “I’m really looking forward to having such a cool new ice cream option this summer.”

This summer, South Lyon is ready to scream for this unique ice cream. It is about time we had a new option to beat the Michigan heat.


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