What would make the school a better place?

Nikita Wozniak ‘20, Circulation Manager


As the 2019-2020 school year comes even closer to an end, our seniors will finally finish their twelve years of mandatory schooling. There have been plenty of ups and downs, specifically in these last four years of high school. Before they leave in May, ten of our seniors were interviewed and asked, “What do you think would make the school a better place?”


Shianne White – “Less altercations between students.”

Ashley Koth – “I think if the bathrooms had cool designs.”

Savannah Joseph – “For people to focus more on themselves instead of other people’s issues.”

Mackenzie Mcgregor – “Nicer people.”

Lexie Oleson – “Cleaner bathrooms and more time to socialize.”

John Call – “More electives. In this school basically all you can choose is AP and art classes which leaves a group of students with lost potential.”

Ashton D’Angelo – “I guess I would just say more ski team awareness.” 

Nick Smathers – “If we could all individually paint our lockers like in Victorious.” 

Jimmy Stucki – “I think what would make the school a better place is later start times. There’s too many students showing up to school being sleep deprived, and it causes them to focus less.”

Hector Chavez-Duran – “More interactive school events.”


With a wider branch of electives and more room for personal expression, the student body of South Lyon High School could greatly benefit. Whether it be as small as tidying up the bathrooms, or as large as introducing a whole new schedule, any change would make the school a better, more inclusive place.


Photo courtesy of Hector Duran

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