Underappreciated teachers who we should appreciate the most

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, Student Life Editor


When it comes to teachers and staff in our high school, the support and positivity we gain from them is often overlooked. Not many students recognize how dedicated our staff is to welcoming us and making us feel at home. The teachers and staff here at SLHS do their jobs in order to influence students and leave a mark on their future.

The South Lyon High School staff has worked to accommodate everyone, whether they are one of its students or not. A simple gesture goes a long way and can bring a smile that can be felt throughout the day. Economics and World Studies teacher Mr. Christopher Schroudt has no problem making his students feel more at home when at school. He said, “When students leave a note for their teachers or even give a quick handshake in the hallway, it goes a long way and us teachers very much appreciate the small thank yous.” Schroudt explains that there are multiple ways to show teachers appreciation, even as a small, simple gesture. As a teacher and basketball coach, Schroudt is always there for his students whether it is on the court or in the classroom. 

Giving appreciation to teachers and staff shows them that we care about all that they do for us. Many may not realize, but teachers are not the only staff members that support the students and act as role models. Some of our other staff consists of hall monitors, food service workers, and our principals and counselors. Whether it is a teacher or staff member at SLHS, they are always open for communication between students in order to provide them with the resources they need at the school.

Senior Jenna Stanfield has formed a close bond with psychology and history teacher Ms. Alicia Colley while she taught her in psychology. Stanfield said, “Ms. Colley is very helpful and understanding and beyond schoolwork; I know she is someone I can always talk to when I need help.” Becoming closer with teachers is important for not only the students, but the teachers themselves in order to have the best teaching experience possible. Once it is recognized that a student is showing gratitude to them, the teachers. Teachers will begin to notice when students go out of their way to do something nice for a staff member; no matter the gesture, it will make someone smile.

Greater appreciation should be shown throughout SLHS due to all of the recognition the staff brings to its students. It is crucial to appreciate our high school teachers so we can remember them as we continue our careers after school.


Photo by Ian Streeter


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