Pros and cons of school uniforms

Ashley Barber ‘20, Business / Ad manager 


School uniforms change the way that students act in school and having a uniform might not allow people to express who they are as a person. Do you think you should have to wear school uniforms? Only 25 percent of public schools require you to wear school uniforms. 



  1. Uniforms break down social class barriers: When students do not wear school uniforms, it is easy to point out the students with more or less money. One argument that can be made is that when students wear school uniforms, there can be more of a friendship between each other; kids can not pick on other people because they do not have the same clothes as they do. Also, kids can not pick out who has more or less money than they do. This allows uniforms to be better and not allow people to be picked on for what they are wearing. 


  1. Uniforms can increase school focus: Students can focus on their work better because they are not looking at what other people are wearing. They are also not trying to come up with negative comments to say to someone about their clothing. Students can sit and focus on school work when everyone is wearing the same thing.


  1. School uniforms can promote safety: Some schools have people that are part of gangs and they want to wear clothes that make them look apart of certain gangs. When students are in school uniforms they can not dress like they are associated with that group of people. This can increase school safety inside and out of school. This allows everyone to blend in and not worry about what other people are wearing, and they can focus on what they are learning. 



  1. Uniforms can be expensive: School uniforms can be more expensive than buying regular clothes. Some families might be able to buy a uniform for their kids, but they might not be able to afford the dress shoes and other things that go along with the uniform. 


  1. Limit self expression: Teenagers like to express their emotions through their taste in music and fashion. Many people have different kinds of clothes they like to wear, as well as piercings and hairstyles that might not be allowed with school uniforms. 


  1. Uniforms may be sexist: Sometimes school uniforms require girls to wear a skirt and do not allow them to wear pants. However, some girls might feel uncomfortable wearing skirts or they simply do not like wearing skirts. Also, if a student is unsure of their place on gender or is uncomfortable on proving their gender forms, school uniforms can be a real challenge to them. 


Over all making students wear school uniforms can be a good thing but they also can be something that people do not like. It all really depends on what kind of school they are attending.


Photo courtesy of Bell Time Magazine

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