South Lyon’s got talent: the Variety Show is coming to town

Kendyle Laesch ‘22, Photo Editor

On Feb. 7, South Lyon High School hosted their annual talent show, comprised of students in the entire South Lyon District, ranging from elementary to high schoolers. Not only was the Variety show to allow students to demonstrate their amazing skills but the profits made from the tickets sold are going towards the choir scholarship program. 

             Choir teacher Mr. Andrew Hathikhanavala said, “The Variety Show has a tradition of showcasing students’ talents all across South Lyon. The choir students  appreciate the community’s support becauses the sales are being put towards choir scholarships. [I] Hope everyone enjoys the show.” The choir and crew worked extremely hard to pull the show off by prepping the stage and crew. They also rehearsed for months. Their effort definitely paid off, since the Variety Show was a success. Friends and family loved the performance. 

The performers were not even nervous, they were actually eager to show off their voices and piano playing skills. Sophomore Sydnee Belczak said, “I am very excited to have a chance to perform alongside people of all ages, and to be able to learn from them and teach them.” The diversity of ages was spectacular. 

Not only were the performers a key factor to the show but the sound and lighting crew also held the event together. Freshman Kyle Jedrusik said, “It is cool working for sound, I started with the Moon Over Buffalo play and I am excited to do the sound for the Variety Show too since I am now experienced.”  Kyle worked hard to provide nothing but excellent sound. What is a talent show without music?

From solos, to duets, to acapella groups, the talent show had everything. Parents were unsurprisingly proud of their children and the audience was fully engaged during all of the acts. It was definitely a show you would not have wanted to miss, but if you did there is always next year. 


Photo courtesy of Kendyl Laesch

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