Embarrassing moments of high school

Ashley Barber ‘20 Business / Ad manager 


It is the things of students worst nightmares, something terrible happens like ripping your pants, tripping on the stairs, walking in the wrong bathroom. High school is some of the toughest moments in students’ time. The pressure to be popular, to do the right thing, and not have a bad reputation. On top of all this students are trying to focus on school work. The stories below will hopefully help you laugh about your own embarrassing moment, we all have been there and did something embarrassing.


Lexi Czach- During Lexi’s freshman year of high school, she walked into her ceramics class and tripped over a brick in front of all the seniors. 


Kyle Scovera- When I was going to school, my mom would come in and start yelling at students for all different reasons. 


Tim Collick- During Tim’s freshman year of high school, he was in English 9 with Mr. Prueter and he tripped over a backpack and ripped a poster off the wall in an effort to stop his fall. The whole class was looking at him when this happened. 


Elyssa Haas- When Elyssa first came to SLHS, she went into the boys’ bathroom once and there was a teacher there. She also said every time when she is on the announcements and says someone’s name wrong she gets embarrassed. 


Chad Moore– While talking with Chad, he felt that his whole freshman year was just embarrassing; he does not have a specific moment. 


Matthew Moisio- The most embarrassing thing that Matthew has done was during his sophomore year, he missed a step when he was going down the stairs. He saved himself, but he dropped some of his papers that were in his folder when he tripped. 


Allie Rehfield- During Allie’s senior year, the day of homecoming someone came up with the idea to do a motorcycle escort. Everyone was looking and watching them and she was very embarrassed. 


Alexis Rhoads- Alexis had two embarrassing moments that she could not decide between. The first one was when she was at a football game she fell in front of everyone when she was walking down the bleachers. Also when she was in this year she got hit in the head by a volleyball and got a concussion from it.


Everyone has done something that was embarrassing and now looking back you can sit and laugh about it. 


Photo by Lily Koller

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