The top “self-help” books: manifest the best life for yourself

Emily Aiken ‘20, Editor-in-Chief

As the new year rolls in, for some people, it is time to start thinking about what changes they want to make, and the goals and aspirations they want to focus on in 2020. While it may be extremely easy to think about what you want to change, putting words or thought into action is a lot harder to do. Maybe you want to go to the gym more, eat better, or maybe start meditating. Whatever it is, manifesting the best year for yourself can be tricky, so where do you start? The following books may give you that spark of inspiration and ideas to start the year off right.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This book is based on the belief of the Law of Attraction, or manifesting your dream life through your thoughts and aligning these thoughts with your actions. The Secret is a worldwide hit as it has sold over 30 million copies. Many people, including Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga, swear by the Law of Attraction and attribute their success to this phenomenon. There is also a film by the same name on Netflix if you are more of a movie person.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book provides readers with new perspectives when it comes to social situations. It teaches you about the ways in which you socialize and the ways you present yourself in social situations have a lot of power. Dale Carnegie is known for his extremely popular self-help books, and he has developed world renowned courses in the self-improvement department. In 2011, How to win friends and influence people was number 19 on the Time Magazine’s list of the “100 most influential books.” 


Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book explores how making the smallest changes in your daily routine can have the biggest ripple effects in many areas of your life. Your daily routine and the habits that make up your routine have the greatest impact on your success. One of the most substantial points this book makes is that the small wins that happen in your everyday life are the things that help develop your confidence and motivation. These little things help you get to where you want to be organically.


Declutter your mind by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

When it comes to having a productive year, it all starts with your mental state. This book can aid you in clearing your mind of negativity and anxiety. While it is impossible to completely alleviate stress, there are ways to practice specific mindfulness techniques that aid in prioritizing positivity.


While these books are great to read in order to find that spark of motivation, they will not completely change your life. They give you tips and advice, but it is up to you how you apply them to your life. 


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