Student section bringing SLHS together

Lily Koller ‘20, Photo Editor


In today’s high school world, the student section at sports games is what brings all the excitement. It is a part of the high school experience to support and cheer on your school to victory, and at South Lyon the student section unifies all.

The student section is a fantastic way to get involved in the community, surrounding yourself with peers who have a common goal of supporting the school. It provides a fun atmosphere to show school spirit, especially with the different themes and events held at each sporting game. Throughout football season, students are decked out with the corresponding theme. From the opening ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ theme to our annual Red Out for the American Heart Association, SL knows how to show their Lion Pride. Junior Maddy Seymour’s favorite theme this year was ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, as she got decked out in her safari gear. Seymour said, “My favorite thing about being a part of the student section is having fun while spending time with my friends and cheering on the football team in the fall.”

The leaders of the twitter account @sl_section this year are seniors Jane Taylor and Garrett White. Both lead South Lyon pride throughout all seasons of sports and are in charge of taking pictures for spirit week days, informing the school of ongoing sporting events, and what is going on within our school. This account is not affiliated with the school directly, but it covers what it means to be a Lion.

 Taylor said, “The student section is a great way for people to get hyped up for the games and have everyone be together.”

The student section is a place for students different and alike to enjoy the little things about high school sports. Students can only be a part of it for four years, and it is special to make these lasting memories through common sporting events. White also said, “It is important for everyone to go crazy and show spirit because eventually you get to your senior year, and it’s your last Friday night light football game ever, and then it hits you.” 


Photo by Lily Koller

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