South Lyon’s very own ‘Grinch’ ruins Christmas decorations

Jade Cuenca ‘20, Intro to Journalism Contributing Writer


Last week, it was reported that Christmas decorations have been cut all throughout the town of South Lyon, leading others to take precautions. 

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the first reported wire cutting of Christmas lights happened to the Chezick family, who are well known for their Christmas decorations. When the Chezick family noticed that multiple lights were off, they went to investigate and discovered the cut wires.

It was soon found out that three other families have also been affected by the vandalists and currently, the police have no suspects. 

However, multiple Michigan families have been taking various security measures to protect their Christmas decorations.

South Lyon community member Brooke Depiano said, “We always love to decorate our house and it takes some time to plan and set it all up. With all the lights and multiple inflatables that we have it usually takes days for everything to be done, and knowing that someone is going around cutting wires is upsetting.” Depiano also mentions that they also set up cameras overlooking their property.

Depiano’s husband, Cody said, “Not only do we have cameras, but we are able to access our cameras, even if we are not at home, so we can keep an eye on the house from anywhere we’re at. We also have motion lights that will go off if there is any movement in our yard or property, so that will also alert us. Also, we have talked to our neighbors around the neighborhood so we all can keep a close eye on each others houses as well.”

 Having these cameras surveying the area has truly helped the Depiano family in ensuring no one will steal or destroy any Christmas decorations.

South Lyon High School teacher, Andrew Klebba commented that he doesn’t have Christmas lights but believes that depending how expensive Christmas decorations are, he understands why people have security cameras. He also believes that it is sad to even have to think about cameras having to be set up due to this incident.

Although many families have or understand these different measures of security others have none at all. 

When another resident of South Lyon was asked about the recent events she said, “ I grew up in South Lyon and so this is the first time I have heard anything about this in recent years. However, I don’t think we will get security cameras any time soon, because we don’t really have a valuable set up, so I’m not too worried about it.” 

This resident currently has decorations placed outside but due to it being inexpensive different security measures aren’t necessary.

Although this vandalists had ruined Christmas decorations, they could not ruin the Christmas spirit in South Lyon, Michigan.


Photo courtesy of Jade Cuenca


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