New year, new you: sticking to resolutions

Kendyle Laesch ‘22, Photo Editor

One of the biggest celebrations of the year, the first day of 365, marks many new beginnings. When a new year begins, people are determined to head to the gym and get started on their new goals. This might just be the motivation from the New Year, though. When the celebration is over, so is the motivation to better yourself; for most people that is. 

 Typically, the first few days of January, the gym is jam-packed, but daily attendance dies down after a few weeks or so, and everyone tends to go back to their previous habits. Every new year, the goal is to have some sort of drastic change in one’s life, but that change may be unlikely to happen because it takes a lot of drive and persistence.

Even though it is unlikely, it does not mean it is impossible, though. Sophomore Jessica Shaker said, “I want to explore the possibilities of different ways I can do to better myself as a person in general. I know it will be difficult to stay motivated, but I am extremely dedicated which I feel will be enough to accomplish what I want to.” Shaker hopes to accomplish both physical and mental goals, including gaining strength in her arms. It is a tough journey, but kudos to those who stick with what they begin by using persistence and self discipline. 

Others, on the other hand, struggle more with change. Some people even choose not to participate in New Year’s resolutions. They prefer to stick to things that they are used to, and no one is obligated to make resolutions just because it is a common thing to do every new year. 

Sophomore Grace Pucher said, ‘I do not do New Year’s resolutions, ever”  and she is sticking by that. No matter if it is just purely because someone finds resolutions to be pointless, or if they have no new goals for themselves at this point, not having any resolutions is not a big deal.

So if it is going to the gym, finding new people to surround yourself with, or just sticking with your original habits, 2020 is the year you can do so, and every new year after that.


Photo by Lily Koller

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