Last semester for seniors: How to make the most of time until graduation

Lily Koller ‘20, Photo Editor


Senioritis: It is a bug, like the common cold, that has brought us all together. It has come to the point where we are approaching our last semester of high school. It is 2020: our graduation year! The countdown of days until graduation is shrinking daily, just as our drive is to make it to class. Each homework assignment gets a little harder, and each wake-up is never any easier when we are this close to being through with high school.

However, it is important that we do not let all of our hard work go to waste. This last semester has many exciting events in store: senior spring break, prom, Senior All Night Event, Water Wars, and more, all leading up to the grand finale of graduation. It is easy to let loose, but putting in the work all the way through the end will be worth it. Some things students can do to stay engaged in school are to take it one day at a time. It is important for students to cherish the number of days that are coming to a close and enjoy these last few months with our class. Who knows where we will all end up next fall, and our time in high school makes up our last days before we go out into the real world.

This upcoming semester is the last time we will be surrounded by the people that we have spent our childhoods with, and it is never too late to get involved at different school events to make the most of the time we have left. Senior Zia George said, “This year has been bittersweet for me with all of the change that comes with growing up, and I am looking forward to getting closer with our grade next semester.” Whether that means going to more sporting events, plays, and concerts, or even trying a new sport or club, there are so many opportunities to reach out and make an impact before graduation day. 

With many students already accepted into college post first semester, teachers find it hard to keep students engaged. English teacher Mr. Timothy O’Dowd said, “The most noticeable sign of senioritis is the lack of turning in work; I even see hard-working students slacking off, and that is how you know it has hit. However, I think senioritis is a myth—it just puts a name for the lack of focus. You can’t bail this close to the finish line.” It is important for students to look back on how hard they have worked these last three and a half years of high school, and push until the end.

They always say high school goes by fast, and the phrase is often doubted until it hits you. How is it already graduation year? This last semester is one to remember forever before all seniors go off into adulthood with various responsibilities. So seniors, let’s make this one count.


Photo courtesy of Zia George

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