Students’ plans for winter break

Nikita Wozniak ‘20, Circulation Manager


Winter Break is finally arriving, which means we get three whole weeks away from school. Whether we spend that time catching up on homework, spending time with friends or family, or just sleeping through the break, everyone is excited to just get away from the crowded halls and early wake-ups. What are the students at SL’s plans for Winter Break?

Senior Ashley Koth – “I plan on spending time with family and friends. I’m going to catch up on sleep and homework as well.”

Senior Alexander Albanice – “To have fun with family over Christmas.”

Junior Valerie Nielson – “I plan to catch up on school work and hang out with friends and family, so pretty down-low.”

Junior Anthony Buatti – “Hanging out with friends and relaxing.”

Sophomore Lucas Nichols – “I’m going to California to visit my family for Christmas.”

Freshman Carter Lynn – “Snowboarding and basketball.”

Freshman Shane Allen – “Hanging out with family and being outside as much as possible.”

Freshman Brooklynn Borg – “Hanging out with family and sleeping.”

Remember that Winter Break is meant to get away from the stress and deadlines from school. Take this time to have fun and relax. You deserve it!


Photo courtesy of Lucas Nichols


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